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Plugin: TableOperations

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The TableOperations plugin inserts context-sensitive buttons into the toolbar to enable working with tables, for example inserting rows, columns, merging, splitting etc.

The plugin was developed by Mihai Bazon, sponsored by the American Bible Society.


See the NewbieGuide for how to set configuration values in general, the below configuration options are available for this plugin.

Configuration of this plugin is not normally required, however there exist some options if you wish to customise it’s function…

xinha_config.TableOperations.showButtons = (bool);
Show the toolbar buttons, default true xinha_config.TableOperations.tabToNext = (bool);
Tab in a cell to move to the next cell (shift-tab for previous), default true xinha_config.TableOperations.dblClickOpenTableProperties = (bool);
Double-Click a cell to open the properties, default false. Note this can be a but unintuitive if enabled, hence off by default. xinha_config.TableOperations.toolbarLayout = ('compact' or 'full');
Adjusts the way buttons are shown in the tool bar, default ‘compact’ xinha_config.TableOperations.noFrameRulesOptions = (bool);
Disable “Frame and Border” options in the table properties, default true. Note that these rules can be confusing, hence off by default. xinha_config.TableOperations.addToolbarLineBreak = (bool);
Adds a ‘linebreak’ in the toolbar to put the table buttons on a new “bar”, default true.