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Plugin: InsertSnippet

Provide functionality to insert snippets of HTML (or any other text, such as variable substitutions).

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See the NewbieGuide for how to set configuration values in general, the below configuration options are available for this plugin.

xinha_config.InsertSnippet.snippets = ‘/url/path/to/snippets.js’;
The URL path to a javascript file which defines a “snippets” array.

The snippets file, which is not “JSON” but an eval’d javascript script, must define the array “snippets” in which each element is an object with the properties ‘id’ and ‘HTML’.

Example snippets.js file

  var snippets = [
    { id: 'Snippet 1', HTML: '<span>Hello World</span>' },
    { id: 'Snippet 2', HTML: '{HowNowBrownCow}' }

Obviously you can generate this file manually, or dynamically by whatever processes you desire, just specify the path to it in the configuration.