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Plugin: InsertSmiley

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The InsertSmiley plugin allows the user to add Smileys by dialog.


See the NewbieGuide for how to set configuration values in general, the below configuration options are available for this plugin.

Adding More Smileys

It is easy to add more smileys, in the plugins/InsertSmiley/smileys/ folder you will see all the smiley images, add more smiley images in this folder, then you can edit the smileys.js file in that same folder to “hook them up”.

If your server supports PHP, you don’t even need to edit the file, just make this Xinha configuration

xinha_config.InsertSmiley.smileys = _editor_url + '/plugins/InsertSmiley/smileys/smileys.php'; 

and it will automatically detect the new smileys.


This plugin was developed by Ki Master George and is under htmlArea license. The plugin was rewritten by James Sleeman