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HtmlEntities for Xinha

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Internally, the editor (actually JavaScript) treats strings as Unicode, disregarding of the charset you are using in your page. As a result all named entities are decoded when editing, thereby possibly breaking the encoding of characters that are not available in the actual codepage, e.g. the € in ISO-8859-1, or “quotation marks”. Maybe these characters are rendered correctly in the browser, but they produce a “non SGML character number …” error in HTML validation.


If you use the ISO-8859-1 charset, just load the plugin and all characters that are not contained therein are converted.

If you want all non ASCII characters converted to named entites, set

 xinha_config.HtmlEntities.Encoding= null; 

If you want to exclude characters that are available in the used charset other than ISO-8859-1, you can edit the file Entities in the plugin folder by deleting or commenting out the respective lines. Then you save the file under a different name and reference it like this

 xinha_config.HtmlEntities.Encoding= null; 
 xinha_config.HtmlEntities.EntitiesFile = "/url/to/your/file.js"; 

This way you will have no needless entities. If you have done this for any charset, please consider sending it along, so that we can include it as a preset.

The conversion map provided by mharrisonline in ticket #127
The plugin is by Raimund Meyer