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Internationalisation (i18n)

If you look for information on localisation (l10n, how you translate Xinha) take a look at wiki:Translating.

This page is for xinha-developers and on how the _lc-function works.


Xinha has different contexts for i18n:

the _lc-function

Xinha._lc('english string');

This is the simplest usage, Xinha (core) will be used as context. The function will return the localised string.

Xinha._lc('english string', 'PluginName');

Usage within an plugin. Most plugins do have its own _lc function defined, you don’t need to pass the context everytime then.

CharCounter.prototype._lc = function(string) {
    return Xinha._lc(string, "CharCounter");

var complexity = 'very';
Xinha._lc({string: 'this is a $complexity complex sentence', replace:{'complexity': complexity}});

This provides a way to have complex sentences where some parts are variable - and this variable part might be at another position in other languages.

Xinha._lc({key: 'button_bold', string: ["ed_buttons_main.gif",3,2]});

It is also possible to translate objects, this is used to internationalize the bold, italic… toolbar-buttons.

The key is used to lookup the string (which is actually an object) in the l10n-file.