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Frequently Asked Questions

Version française.

Firstly, this page is always being improved, so if you don't understand something, or you think something is missing, then please post a message in the forum in the Discussion Forum.

On the project


  • Q: How do I get started? Newbie
  • Q: Xinha doesn't load though I have set it up according to the NewbieGuide?
    • A: make shure _editor_url is set correctly and all files could be loaded
    • A: Check for any JavaScript errors
  • Q: Do i need a webserver or can I use the script through file:// ?
    • A: You need a webserver, else some plugins and langages other than english won't work...
  • Q: Why get the changes only submitted when switching into HTML mode?
    • A: If you submit the form using JavaScript (form.submit())you must not have a button with id="submit" in the same form
  • Q: How can I change the default editor CSS? (default CSS)

Editor usage



  • Q: I have done everything explained in newbie document but the texts are always in english, how can I use my language file ?
    • A1: Make sure your language file is up to date.
    • A2: The translation system (i18n) will only work if you have a webserver.
  • Q: My text appears strangely in my textarea ?


About the plugins

  • Q: Is there a tutorial for plugin creation?
    • A: Hope it will arrive soon...