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Download Xinha

Available Packages

Package Release (date) Filename Size Type
beta Xinha 0.96 Phoenix(2009-01-14)
  Xinha_0.96beta.tar.bz2 709 KB bzip2-ed tar 1,2 MB zip
Read the Phoenix beta announcement
Read about the changes in the ReleaseNotes
Just put the new files in the location of the old ones. Maintaining 100% backward-compatibility to any version of Xinha or HTMLarea 3 has always been a priority aim in Xinha development. This version is quite change-heavy, so you may want to pay a bit of attention.
Stable Xinha 0.95(2008-05-12)
  Xinha_0.95.tar.bz2 634 KB bzip2-ed tar 1004 KB zip
Read about the changes in the ReleaseNotes
Updating any version of Xinha or HTMLarea 3 should be as easy as dropping the new version into place (make a backup, though).
Please pay attention if you are using the baseHref config option in your configuration, as there are chances that this will not work as before.
Nightly Xinha-nightly
  xinha-nightly.tar.bz2   bzip2-ed tar
The bleeding edge of Xinha is available as a nightly zip file. It might have new features, it might also be broken.
You are nevertheless encouraged to download and test it and help us by finding bugs and creating tickets! For production use there is a compression script contained to optimize loading time (see compression_readme.txt in the archive)

SVN Checkout

The SVN repository is open for public read. Simply point your preferred SVN client to

for example, using the command line SVN client

~$ svn co xinha