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Latest Xinha 0.931 (2007-05-16)
  Xinha_0.931.tar.gz 1,03 MB gzipped tar 1,35 MB zip

This package contains a patched version of stylist.js that fixes a bug in v0.93, see Ticket #543


  • fixed Ticket #967 Font Color Picker stops working after using one of ImageManager?, ExtendedFileManager?, FullPage?, or HorizontalRule
  • fixed Ticket #965 When switching between Xinhas in the same page, in textmode toolbar stays disabled
  • fixwd Ticket #963 DOMwalk IE: head tag attributes without quotes and closing slash
  • Ticket #962 DOMwalk Mozilla: improved source indentation
  • fixed Ticket #957 If item in in xinha_editors is not a textarea: skip gracefully
  • fixed Ticket #900: catch an fatal error that occured sometimes when switching between modes in fullpage mode in Mozilla
  • fixed Ticket #969 DOMwalk Gecko: line breaks rendered as <br>s inside <pre> blocks
  • fixed Ticket #976 Loading message misplaced in IE7
  • fixed Ticket #977 TableOperations? toolbar off-place in ext_example.html
  • fixed Ticket #978 defining a padding for <td>s in global css affects Xinha framework
  • Ticket #979 improve checking for non-supported browsers
  • fixed Ticket #934 SuperClean? plugin returns just quotation when executed on localhost
  • Ticket #929 Save changes on page unload fixed for Mozilla
  • fixed Ticket #980 ImageManager? color format bug
  • fixed Ticket #981 No doctype in iframe content document/ editor always in quirks mode
  • fixed Ticket #543 Stylist Panel overflow broken
  • Ticket #983 added id for iframe
  • fixed Ticket #984 ExtendedFileManager produces php warning
  • optimized icon file size
  • fixed JavaScript error in ImageManager/ExtendedFileManager image editor
  • Ticket #908* Prompts broken in IE7: fixed for EFM, ImageManager & TableOperations
  • Fixes for TableOperations?, tickets #82, #908*, #912 and #947
  • fixed Ticket #998* whitespace added before and/or after content (in non-fullpage mode)
  • fixed slow unloading in Mozilla
  • Fix focus problem when switching from html to wysiwyg in Gecko. See ticket #900.
  • fixed toolbar floating issue
  • fixed #1003 HTML length limited to 1024 characters with plugin CharCounter?
  • Ticket #1000 new public methods for getting/setting editor content
  • fixed #735 - IE eating scripts and comments at the beginning of pages.
  • Added new config variables to set iframe width if less than editor width (ticket:322) and set alignment of toolbar buttons.
  • added Basque translation for XinhaCore
  • prevent an error if server is set to parse .js files as PHP
  • Ticket #127 plugin HtmlEntities: Entities.js file corrupt
Xinha 0.92beta (2007-02-16)   Xinha_compressed_0.92beta.tar.gz 1,02 MB gzipped tar 1,32 MB zip   Xinha_uncompressed_0.92beta.tar.gz 1,74 MB gzipped tar 2,07 MB zip

Update information

Please note that some files have been relocated. So, if you want a clean installation, don't just copy the new files in the folder!


  • fixed Ticket #831 stop empty anchors from being removed
  • fixed Ticket #445 Toggle TableBorder doesn't work if this.fullpage=true or using FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #551 shape and coord attributes of area element are ignored by IE
  • fixed Ticket #650 SpellChecker? is not compatible with FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #816 CharacterMap? and ListType? panel modes make editor jump to top in IE
  • fixed Ticket #570 change behaviour of justify when an image is selected to make the image float left/right, click the justify button again to undo it
  • fixed Ticket #891 noscript content got escaped
  • fixed Ticket #857 Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place.
  • fixed Ticket #841 Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha.
  • fixed Ticket #914 All buttons stay grey & this.getParentElement is not a function message when not calling Xinha.loadPlugins() in xinha_init function
  • fixed Ticket #911 Background color does not work in Firefox
  • fixed Ticket #912 an error is thrown in Mozilla when clicking merge cells button and fewer than 2 cells are selected
  • fixed Ticket #556 stripBaseHref didn't work without baseHref defined explicitly
  • fixed Ticket #928 ImageManager? fails if (another) Files.php exists in include path
  • added feature Ticket #900* retain editing position position between modes
  • fixedTicket #925 Typo in popups/link.html
  • fixed Ticket #921 EFM extended file manager - iframe height problem (IE)
  • Ticket #923 colorPicker face lift & localisation
  • fixed Ticket #924 EFM + ImageManager? re-transforming of url to original image after automatic resize broken
  • Ticket #900* retain editing position position between modes
  • fixed Ticket #928 ImageManager? fails if (another) Files.php exists in include path
  • fixed Ticket #935 EFM demo_images php upload allowed: possible security risk
  • Ticket #939 Japanese langage support
  • fixed Ticket #3 Horizontal Rule Selection
  • Plugin ExtendedFileManager?: added doc to allowed upload extensions
  • Plugin PasteText? update
  • Plugin HtmlEntities?: included preset for iso-8859-1
  • fixed Ticket #948 IE: inline styles are not rendered by DOMwalk getHTML()
  • Plugin HorizontalRule? update
  • Plugin SaveSubmit? update
  • Plugin Linker?update
  • fixed Ticket #823 editor contents was not submitted when using JavaScript? form.submit() without prior form.onsubmit()
  • fixed Ticket #459 all body attributes removed in full page mode in FireFox
  • _editor_url is now converted to absolute if it is relative.
  • fixed Ticket #594 IE: insertHTML() inserts HTML outside editor when editor is not focussed
  • Ticket #954 FullScreen mode can now be called programmatically or on startup with or without button
  • fixed Ticket #321 FullScreen : select elements show through in IE6
  • fixed Ticket #953 Statusbar has ugly white gap at the bottom when switching back from full screen in IE
  • fixed Ticket #952 FullScreen: scrollbars don't disappear in IE in QuirksMode
  • fixed Ticket #603 Popop Dialog Height problems
  • fixed Ticket #955 DOMwalk getHTML outputs empty attribute with value "true" instead of attribute name and some are skipped at all
Xinha 0.91beta (2007-01-12)   Xinha_compressed_0.91beta.tar.gz 1,04 MB gzipped tar 1,32 MB zip   Xinha_uncompressed_0.91beta.tar.gz 1,83 MB gzipped tar 2,17 MB zip

Note: The compression provides considerable advantages, but it will break some things , so please create a ticket if you experience any problems.

  • changed namespace from HTMLArea to Xinha
  • the core file is now named XinhaCore.js instead of htmlarea.js,
    please change your pages accordingly (the htmlarea.js will be removed!)
  • the color picker script is now loaded on demand to reduce initial loading time Xinha 0.9beta (2007-01-11)   Xinha_0.9beta.tar.gz 1,01 MB gzipped tar 1,30 MB zip  

The archives contain compressed JavaScript files to reduce loading time.
If you want to mod Xinha please check out the svn

Nightly Package

The bleeding edge of Xinha is available as a nightly zip file. It might have new features, it might also be broken.
You are nevertheless encouraged to download and test it and help us by finding bugs and creating tickets!

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