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Hotfix Xinha 0.91beta-hotfix (2007-01-14) 47,7 KB zip

This hotfix includes the files XinhaCore.js, htmlarea.js, and plugins/SuperClean/super-clean.js, where were found to cause to show minor problems with compression.
To update overwrite the files in your installation with the new versions.
the packages below already contain this fix.

Latest Xinha 0.91beta (2007-01-12)   Xinha_compressed_0.91beta.tar.gz 1,04 MB gzipped tar 1,32 MB zip   Xinha_uncompressed_0.91beta.tar.gz 1,83 MB gzipped tar 2,17 MB zip

Note: The compression provides considerable advantages, but it will break some things , so please create a ticket if you experience any problems.

  • changed namespace from HTMLArea to Xinha
  • the core file is now named XinhaCore.js instead of htmlarea.js,
    please change your pages accordingly (the htmlarea.js will be removed!)
  • the color picker script is now loaded on demand to reduce initial loading time Xinha 0.9beta (2007-01-11)   Xinha_0.9beta.tar.gz 1,01 MB gzipped tar 1,30 MB zip  

The archives contain compressed JavaScript files to reduce loading time.
If you want to mod Xinha please check out the svn

Nightly Package

The bleeding edge of Xinha is available as a nightly zip file. It might have new features, it might also be broken.

Progress Meter

Tickets resolved since 0.91beta

  • fixed Ticket #831 stop empty anchors from being removed
  • Make htmlarea.js just load XinhaCore?.js instead of being a copy of it.
  • fixed Ticket #445 Toggle TableBorder? doesn't work if this.fullpage=true or using FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #551 shape and coord attributes of area element are ignored by IE
  • fixed Ticket #650 SpellChecker? is not compatible with FullPage? plugin
  • fixed Ticket #816 CharacterMap? and ListType? panel modes make editor jump to top in IE
  • fixed Ticket #570 change behaviour of justify when an image is selected to make the image float left/right, click the justify button again to undo it
  • fixed Ticket #891 noscript content got escaped
  • fixed Ticket #857 Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place.
  • fixed Ticket #841 Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha.
  • fixed Ticket #914 All buttons stay grey & this.getParentElement is not a function message when not calling Xinha.loadPlugins() in xinha_init function
  • fixed Ticket #911 Background color does not work in Firefox
  • fixed Ticket #912 an error is thrown in Mozilla when clicking merge cells button and fewer than 2 cells are selected
  • fixed Ticket #556 stripBaseHref didn't work without baseHref defined explicitly

Again: please create a ticket if you find a bug.

SVN Checkout

The SVN repository is open for public read. Simply point your preferred SVN client to

for example, using the command line SVN client

~$ svn co xinha

Old Versions

Old versions are not available pre-packaged, but you can easily grab them from the Subversion Repository. Released versions will be tagged in repository/tags, eg

~$ svn co