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Xinha Documentation

These pages detail the workings of Xinha, how it is set up and how users can go about customising it to fit their own needs. This documentation will be subject to many changes in the short term, and with hopefully multiple Xinha users contributing to it should soon evolve into a concise reference point. In the meantime however keep checking back and please feel free to post any suggestions or questions in the Xinha forum, a special "Documentation" thread will be started shortly.

Customising Xinha

Probably the first stop for all new users after they have successfully installed Xinha and converted their first textarea into a WYSIWYG editor. Jump to the Customise page for a list of changes you can make to get your X-Area working just the way you want it.

How Xinha Works

This area of the documentation is not ready yet, but will involve a more technical look at the core Xinha files, describing how Xinha works, and detailing the purpose of the functions contained within files such as htmlarea.js