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Plugin: SuperClean

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The SuperClean plugin, developed by James Sleeman and improved by Niko Sams based on code by Udo Schmal provides a combined interface for HTMLTidy, Word cleaning, stripping out font typefaces, colours and sizes, and calling custom filter-functions.
For the tidy functionality it uses a PHP backend file.

Plugin-Setting filters:

Defines the avaliable filters

editor.config.SuperClean.filters = {
               'tidy': HTMLArea._lc('General tidy up and correction of some problems.', 'SuperClean'),
               'myfilter': 'My special Filter'

Avaliable built-in filters:

  • tidy: calls HTMLTidy (through the php-backend)
  • word_clean: calls the Xinha Word-Clean-Functions
  • remove_faces: removes all font-faces
  • remove_sizes: removes all font-sizes
  • remove_colors: removes all font-colors
  • remove_lang: removes all lang-attributes

Custom filters

Custom filters must be defined in plugins/Filter/filters/myfilter.js

function(html, editor) {
  // something fancy with html...

Plugin-Setting show_dialog

If false all filters are applied on button click, if true a dialog asks which filters should be used

//example (=default)
editor.config.SuperClean.show_dialog = true;

Plugin-Setting tidy_handler:

Set to the URL of a handler for html tidy, this handler (see tidy.php for an example) must that a single post variable "content" which contains the HTML to tidy, and return javascript like editor.setHTML('<strong>Tidied Html</strong>') it's called through XMLHTTPRequest

//example (=default setting)
editor.config.SuperClean.tidy_handler = _editor_url + 'plugins/SuperClean/tidy.php'

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