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Extended File Manager EFM

Version 1.1 created from 1.0 beta by Krzysztof Kotowicz <koto@…>


Extended File Manager is an advanced plugin for Xinha

It works in two different modes.

  1. Insert Image Mode and
  2. Insert File Link Mode.

In Insert Image Mode, it replaces the basic insert image functionality of Xinha with its advanced image manager.

If Insert File Link Mode is enabled, a new icon will be added to the toolbar with advanced file linking capability.

Complete Features

  • Easy file that enables individual options for both modes.
  • Thumnail View
  • List View
  • Nice icons for both views
  • Create Folders
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Allowed extensions to view or upload.
  • File Uploads
  • Max File upload limit
  • Max Upload Folder size (Including all subfolders and files. A must see option.)
  • Dynamic display of available free space in the Upload Folder
  • Dynamic Thumbnails using Image libraries or browser resize
  • Image Editor (Actually done by Wei...a great addon)
  • Can be used to insert images along with properties.
  • Can be used to insert link to non-image files like pdf or zip.
  • You can specify image margin / padding / background and border colors
  • You may edit Alt/title tags for inserted images

(Most of the features can be enabled/disabled as needed)


Installing involves extracting the archive to 'plugins' subdirectory of Xinha and selecting the plugin in appropriate xinha_plugins list.

Plugin may be configured via xinha_config.ExtendedFileManager object. You can find the available options here.

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Please note that by default allow_upload is false and uploading is not permitted, you MUST set it true in the config as is indicated above in order to allow uploading.

afrusoft@… - author of EFM 1.0 beta
koto@… - EFM 1.1 (most of the code taken from Xinha codebase)