11:59 Changeset [1421] by gogo
Add support for using external plugins with XinhaEasy.js and add …
00:57 Documentation/NewbieGuide edited by gogo
00:53 Documentation/NewbieGuide edited by gogo


23:44 Changeset [1420] by gogo
A new Newbie Guide example.
23:40 Changeset [1419] by gogo
Small fix for the render mode help text in examples.
23:21 Changeset [1418] by gogo
Add xinha_config.resizableEditor = [bool]; option to allow drag-resize …
09:28 Changeset [1417] by gogo
Change the initial iframe src to javascript:'' and change the iframe …
09:20 Changeset [1416] by gogo
The IE7 Compatability for XinhaEasy?.js didn't work properly, replacing it …
09:05 Changeset [1415] by gogo
Missed a bit from the previous commit for assetLoader abort()
08:51 Changeset [1414] by gogo
Add an abort() method for the assetLoader, which is now used by …
08:49 Changeset [1413] by gogo
IE10 in quirks mode displayed the toolbar in a rather unpleasant state. …
08:45 Changeset [1412] by gogo
FancySelects? and WebkitResize? had some problems with older browsers where …
08:42 Changeset [1411] by gogo
IE11 Had some issues with the selection and MootoolsFileManager?, this …


10:49 Documentation/NewbieGuide created by gogo
10:46 Changeset [1410] by gogo
Add an "Easy" way to load Xinha, this is much simpler than the previous. …
10:43 Changeset [1409] by gogo
09:29 Ticket #1726 (Update InsertSmiley (or create InsertEmoji)) created by gogo
Probably use the twitter emoji set …
04:13 Changeset [1408] by gogo
FancySelects? had a slight problem with multiple Xinha on a page, fixed.


21:34 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by gogo


22:12 Ticket #1725 (Stylist conflicts with PreserveSelection) closed by gogo
fixed: [1407] Fixes this, stylist probably does a focusEditor or something as a …
22:10 Changeset [1407] by gogo
Fixes #1725 Stylist confliced with PreserveSelection?
09:20 Ticket #1725 (Stylist conflicts with PreserveSelection) created by gogo
Stylist seems to prevent PreserveSelection? from working
09:14 Changeset [1406] by gogo
A little quick tidy up of examples.
08:17 Changeset [1405] by gogo
Resort the language files to make them properly alpha sorted, this will …
08:10 Changeset [1404] by gogo
Setup to sort the language data files properly by key, I meant to do that …
07:49 Changeset [1403] by gogo
By default, load a merged language file if it exists for the given …
07:35 Changeset [1402] by gogo
Rebuild the translation system and language files. Includes a few kludges …
04:24 Changeset [1401] by gogo
Latvian also had an encoding issue.


22:36 Changeset [1400] by gogo
Repair Greek translations which must have been corrupted some time …


11:33 Ticket #1554 (Clean up and refactor shared "createlink" code and logic) closed by gogo
wontfix: After 7 years, I have yet to come across a situation in which I've needed …
07:58 Ticket #1135 (Superclean and Unformat) closed by gogo
fixed: [1398] Implements into SuperClean? various filters for old, italic etc, the …
07:58 Changeset [1399] by gogo
#1135 - Move UnFormat? to unsupported_plugins, the use of SuperClean?
07:55 Changeset [1398] by gogo
#1135 - Update SuperClean? to incorporate the UnFormat? functionality.
03:54 Ticket #1118 (Firefox: Hitting enter makes text scroll away) closed by gogo
fixed: [1340] I think will have fixed this (see #1600)
03:30 Changeset [1397] by gogo
Improve the undo/redo handling considerably by preserving the caret …


11:45 Ticket #1587 (prototype.fixRelativeLinks causing a JSfault when the url is like ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1396] commit will have fixed this
11:44 Ticket #1484 (Deeply relative links cause Xinha to fail) closed by gogo
fixed: [1396] commits a full rewrite of the relative url expander (the thing what …
11:42 Changeset [1396] by gogo
#1484, Rewrite expandRelativeUrl handlng to work properly.
08:37 WikiStart edited by gogo
08:06 Ticket #1421 (getHTML plugins broke urls) closed by gogo
fixed: [1395] Fixes. Reason is that "'" is a 7 bit printable and it's fine to …
08:05 Changeset [1395] by gogo
#1421 - in TransformInnerHTML with 7 bit printables in urls, do not remove …
06:43 Ticket #1393 (Gecko.js, Opera.js must change to use keydown event in isKeyEvent(). Add ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1394] Reworks the keyboard event handling code so you now have …
06:36 Changeset [1394] by gogo
Rewrite and standardise key events (see #1393), add onKeyDown, onKeyUp


01:17 Ticket #1544 (retain selection between modes) closed by gogo
fixed: [1393] Implements your solution as plugin PreserveSelection? @NOTE This …
01:16 Changeset [1393] by gogo
#1544 - Add PreserveSelection? plugin which implements as a plugin the …
00:10 Ticket #1167 (Selection problem in Safari 3 prevents display of table, row and cell ...) closed by gogo
fixed: I seem unable to reproduce this now in Safari 9.1.1 (OSX 10.9), either …
00:07 Changeset [1392] by gogo
A small TableOperations? fix for Safari with the table properties border …


23:54 Ticket #1550 (Issues with table operations) closed by gogo
fixed: The unusable cells are as expected, inserting a cell is not inserting a …
23:51 Changeset [1391] by gogo
Improve TableOperations? Table Properties border functionality. Remove the …
22:47 Changeset [1390] by gogo
#1550 Inserting or deleting cells in TableOperations? can be confusing for …
21:49 Ticket #1422 (Combobox options are defined in (unordered) object data structure, but it ...) closed by gogo
fixed: It has never actually caused a problem (perhaps by luck), but [1389] fixes …
21:48 Changeset [1389] by gogo
#1422 - Incorrect (but working) procedure for updating fontname/size and …
11:29 Ticket #1475 (Feature Request - Table Operations) closed by gogo
fixed: [1388] Enables the WebKitResize? plugin's table and td/th handles to apply …
11:28 Changeset [1388] by gogo
Allow WebKitResize? to also put the td/th and table resize handles on Gecko …
11:11 Changeset [1387] by gogo
IE11 was still complaining about this in EnterParagraphs?
11:08 Changeset [1386] by gogo
Small fix for EnterParagraphs?
10:49 Changeset [1385] by gogo
Fix for FancySelects? with IE11
09:01 Ticket #1365 (WYSIWYG view of font face and size selections) closed by gogo
09:00 Changeset [1384] by gogo
Add FancySelects? plugin to resolve #1365, along the way move jQuery and …
02:18 Ticket #1516 (removal of several tags in html5) reopened by gogo
While still not especially urgently required, <font> probably does have to …


11:21 Ticket #1560 (TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables) closed by gogo
11:13 Ticket #1724 (Testing Notifications) closed by gogo
11:12 Ticket #1612 (Pressing enter at end of an li:last-child with a child node lands you in ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1383] Implements this @NOTE Reporter - this may be the first …
11:09 Changeset [1383] by gogo
#1612 - Incorrectly created new list elements in Gecko
11:07 Ticket #1724 (Testing Notifications) created by gogo
10:50 Ticket #1283 (New-dialogs version of TableOperations is incomplete) closed by gogo
fixed: (1) appears to not be a problem currently in FF (58) (2) seems to be fine …
10:46 Changeset [1382] by gogo
Fix for TableOperations? for Safari ContextMenu? issue with cell properties.
04:58 Changeset [1381] by gogo
Missed some images from MootoolsFileManager? update
04:57 Ticket #1617 (Keyboard-based table navigation) closed by gogo
fixed: Arrow navigation would make cursoring around in the text in a table cell …
04:54 Changeset [1380] by gogo
#1617 - Implement tab/shift-tab for TableOperatios?
01:15 Ticket #1163 (TableOperations breaks if tables have a TH) closed by gogo
fixed: [1379] Adds ability to swap td/th through the row/cell properties dialog.
01:14 Changeset [1379] by gogo
#1163 Add ability to change cell (or all cells in row) type between td/th …


11:49 Ticket #1618 (Catch tab keypress events and prevent default) closed by gogo
fixed: [1378] Does this for both Gecko and WebKit?. Configurable by tabSpanClass …
11:47 Changeset [1378] by gogo
Add improved and standardised tab handling support for Gecko and WebKit?, …
10:48 Changeset [1377] by gogo
Improve handling of tab in ListOperations? by default tab anywere in a list …
10:30 Ticket #1616 (Backspace in nested lists should dedent to parent list) closed by gogo
wontfix: Not required now ListOperations? is available for tab/shift-tab
10:27 Ticket #1614 (With cursor at the start of a list item, [tab] should create a sublist) closed by gogo
fixed: [1375], [1376] ListOperations? plugin added to do this.
10:27 Changeset [1376] by gogo
Missed this from [1375], #1614
10:26 Changeset [1375] by gogo
Create plugin ListOperations? which resolves #1614 - tab/shift-tab at start …
10:03 Ticket #1358 (SmartReplace panel shows in view source mode) closed by gogo
10:02 Changeset [1374] by gogo
#1358 Hide SmartReplace? panel when textmode
09:33 Ticket #1347 (do something more smart than showing an alert when right-clicking ...) closed by gogo
09:33 Ticket #1403 (baseHref not stripped in Edit Link) closed by gogo
wontfix: I don't think this is a problem. The documentation comment for …
09:17 Changeset [1373] by gogo
Selected buttons (eg alignment) had weird padding when not using a skin.
08:56 Changeset [1372] by gogo
WebKitResize? fix for positions of resize boxes when scrolled in the iframe …
08:37 Changeset [1371] by gogo
Updates to MootoolsFileManager? - most importantly removal of Flash …
05:17 Changeset [1370] by gogo
#1578 Fixes for ColorPicker? positioning with regard to scrolling in …


10:56 Changeset [1369] by gogo
Remove WebKitResize? handles when changing modes
00:36 Changeset [1368] by gogo
ClientSideSpellcheck? is not a threat
00:32 Changeset [1367] by gogo
Fix loading warning for a not-found or forbidden plugin. Remove the die's …


23:17 Changeset [1366] by gogo
Move ExtendedFileManager? and ImageManager? into unsupported_plugins to …
21:26 Changeset [1365] by gogo
Add EncodeOutput? plugin, which can perform rot13, base64 or a combination …
12:13 Changeset [1364] by gogo
Add a new plugin, WebKitResize?, which adds drag-resizing capability to …
11:40 ReleaseNotes edited by gogo
11:37 Ticket #1578 (Color picker does not keep proper position on page) closed by gogo
wontfix: This can be a result of the document mode the browser is in, which is …
10:28 Changeset [1363] by gogo
Did some brief testing in Microsoft Edge, and... it works. Uses Webkit. …
09:01 Changeset [1362] by gogo
Small fix TableOperations? related to adding th
07:57 Ticket #8 (Investigate "Inline Editing" for Xinha) closed by gogo
07:57 Ticket #14 (Ability for one toolbar to control multiple instances of editor) closed by gogo
07:57 Ticket #16 (Once you click the link button you can no longer see what you're linking.) closed by gogo
07:56 Ticket #30 (about memory use) closed by gogo
07:54 Ticket #38 (Calculate size for hidden editors) closed by gogo
07:54 Ticket #47 (Behaviour of Enter key - changing the style) closed by gogo
07:54 Ticket #227 (update/rewrite SpellChecker) closed by gogo
wontfix: Deprecated
07:53 Ticket #240 (Linker: progressive loading tree) closed by gogo
07:53 Ticket #276 (Add border to <form> elements.) closed by gogo
07:52 Ticket #289 (css-plugin enhanced for div/span selection) closed by gogo
07:52 Ticket #342 (RFE: repo version or changelog tag on nightly build) closed by gogo
07:51 Ticket #367 (Problems using Xinha with Tabs) closed by gogo
07:51 Ticket #559 (Customization) closed by gogo
07:50 Ticket #580 (wiki localisation) closed by gogo
07:50 Ticket #759 (Solution for stripBaseURL remplacement) closed by gogo
07:48 Ticket #808 (Fix usage of addEventlistener) closed by gogo
07:47 Ticket #814 (Plain text pasting in Xinha) closed by gogo
07:45 Ticket #829 (deprecated functions should be moved to deprecated.js) closed by gogo
07:45 Ticket #883 (Find and Replace for HTML Source) closed by gogo
07:44 Ticket #892 (Extending inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions for internal rewriting of Flash ...) closed by gogo
07:44 Ticket #922 (StyleManager plugin: an CSS editor for Xinha) closed by gogo
inactive: Long forgotten on the heap, if you still are using (or even developing) …
07:42 Ticket #1008 (Table Properties unintentionally changes table borders (frames)) closed by gogo
07:41 Ticket #1027 (Insert table) closed by gogo
07:41 Ticket #1043 (Button for removing the link from selected text.) closed by gogo
07:40 Ticket #1072 (insert image resize) closed by gogo
07:40 Ticket #1075 (new table inside paragraph) closed by gogo
07:39 Ticket #1092 (Xinha editor does not scroll properly if wrapped by a scrolling div) closed by gogo
07:39 Ticket #1102 (Table Width Handles Needed) closed by gogo
07:37 Ticket #1111 (VideoManager plugin?) closed by gogo
wontfix: With Youtube embed being prevalent etc, I dont' think this is necessary …
06:02 Ticket #1623 (Editor content is escaped in IE10) closed by gogo
worksforme: WFM IE11
06:01 Ticket #1690 (Paste Text with CTRL-V does not work in IE10) closed by gogo
worksforme: WFM IE11
06:00 Ticket #1675 (Valid HTML is being swallowed by Xinha on Chrome and Firefox) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1226
05:59 Ticket #1489 (Portuguese Brazilian translation) closed by gogo
05:58 Ticket #1279 (Replace ereg* functions with preg* in php code) closed by gogo
fixed: [1361] SuperClean?, others are deprecated
05:58 Changeset [1361] by gogo
#1279 ereg to preg
05:55 Ticket #1168 (New Plugin created - Media) closed by gogo
wontfix: EFM Deprecated
05:54 Ticket #1253 (iPhone support?) closed by gogo
05:54 Ticket #1334 (Paste HTML command) closed by gogo
05:53 Ticket #1341 (Stylist produces bad markup and leaves a trail of empty tags) closed by gogo
05:53 Ticket #1199 (Xinha resizable (beta)) closed by gogo
05:52 Ticket #1234 ([confirmed] words attribute can't keep when type [enter] key) closed by gogo
duplicate: #1427
05:52 Ticket #1312 (background-color is removed from table cells) closed by gogo
05:51 Ticket #1207 (Identity Portion of Equation Editor that is inserting script reference) closed by gogo
05:50 Ticket #1342 (Xinha config autofocus setting does not work in Firefox 2) closed by gogo
05:49 Ticket #1137 ([Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor) closed by gogo
05:47 Changeset [1360] by gogo
Small fix for SmartQuotes? (it still has some issues though, #1358 among …
05:39 Ticket #1359 (EFM and image mode (RGB-CMYK)) closed by gogo
wontfix: EFM deprecated
05:39 Ticket #1360 (Make automatic code indentation in source view mode configurable) closed by gogo
05:38 Ticket #1361 (SaveSubmit saving message does not show up in fullscreen mode) closed by gogo
fixed: [1359] - z Index issue on the .loading CSS class
05:38 Changeset [1359] by gogo
#1361 - Increase Z index for loading so it goes over a full-screened …
05:28 Ticket #1367 (Cursor position is not set correctly when switching to source view) closed by gogo
05:28 Ticket #1380 (Image Manager Window not closing in FF and .97 Beta) closed by gogo
wontfix: Deprecated
05:27 Ticket #1453 (PATCH: InsertImage selection dropdown for inline attachments [Needs Work]) closed by gogo
inactive: Not completed
05:24 Ticket #684 (SpellChecker messing with my images) closed by gogo
wontfix: Spellchecker deprecated now
05:22 Changeset [1358] by gogo
#1163 Add th support to TableOperations? - in that it won't break th's and …
04:37 Ticket #1190 (FormOperations Bug with IE7 with the "name" Attribute, and other errors ...) closed by gogo
worksforme: It appears to be working ok in IE 11, probably MS fixed the problem (or …
04:34 Ticket #1395 (deprecated font tags for styling) closed by gogo
wontfix: Reclose because if you wanted it that bad you'd have patched it in the …
04:32 Changeset [1357] by gogo
#1489 - Portuguese Brazilian translation
04:28 Ticket #1245 (it' not possible to enter percent values to height or width attributes of ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1356] Fixes
04:28 Changeset [1356] by gogo
#1245 - Fix percent width and height when using DomWalk?
03:54 Ticket #1250 (IE7 DOMwalk empty styled paragraphs collapse) closed by gogo
wontfix: IE7, Too OLD
03:52 Ticket #1344 (CSS plugin: Strange behaviour on IE) closed by gogo
wontfix: Use Stylist
03:49 Ticket #1349 (<IMG ...> vspace hsapce deprecated in HTML 4.01 / XHTML) closed by gogo
fixed: images_use_hspace_vspace = false in MFM config […]
03:47 Ticket #1385 (Add a config option to show table borders) closed by gogo
03:47 Ticket #1396 (EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time) closed by gogo
wontfix: deprecated
03:46 Ticket #1411 (Cannot display panel at bottom in Stylist) closed by gogo
03:45 Ticket #1328 (PersistentStorage/PSLocal/PSServer/PSFixed Plugins [was: Update the ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1355] Moved to unsupported.
03:45 Changeset [1355] by gogo
Move the PersistentStorage? plugins from #1328 to unsupported_plugins, as …
02:37 Ticket #1412 (plugins/ImageManager/Classes/Files.php) closed by gogo
wontfix: IM is deprecated
02:36 Ticket #1420 (Saveas button does not function in .96) closed by gogo
fixed: [1354] Note that since IE 11, it hasn't appeared anyway since it comes up …
02:36 Changeset [1354] by gogo
#1420 - Remove saveas button. This is probably not relevant any more …
02:13 Ticket #1432 (Linker - Title issue) closed by gogo
fixed: [1353] Implements title
02:13 Changeset [1353] by gogo
#1432 Implement title attribute for Linker
01:17 Ticket #1440 (IE6 Security error on https (This page contains both secure and nonsecure ...) closed by gogo
wontfix: Haha, no, IE6, DIAF.
01:16 Ticket #1476 (Plugin spellchecker find wrong words with french accents - Ticket #120 ...) closed by gogo
fixed: [1351] Moves SpellChecker? to unsupported_plugins, it's not practical to …
01:06 Changeset [1352] by gogo
#1476 Improve ContextMenu? behaviour for misspelt words (detected by …
00:38 Changeset [1351] by gogo
Move SpellChecker? to unsupported_plugins. Over the years hosts have …
00:25 Ticket #1480 (In FF,moving anchors will create more anchor after swaping text to html) closed by gogo
fixed: [1350] Fixes various issues here
00:25 Changeset [1350] by gogo
#1480 - Fix some InsertAnchor? oddities InsertAnchor? now does not preserve …
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