13:21 Ticket #1568 (TransformInnerHTML.js replace error) created by guest
Xinha happens to sometimes transform code of the form …


13:50 Ticket #1567 (ExtendedFileManager images list) created by guest
When the image name is longer than $thisFileNameLength, the name goes in …


15:40 Ticket #1566 (List behavior on Chrome is bad) created by ejucovy
To reproduce, on …


02:02 Ticket #1565 (DynamicCSS + Stylist together break HTML/WYSIWYG mode-toggling) created by ejucovy
As reported on the forum: http://www.xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=3405


16:38 Ticket #1563 (No way to set `showLoading=false` if using XinhaLoader.js) closed by ejucovy


15:09 Ticket #1564 (Cache-busting config option) created by ejucovy
When doing development on Xinha or a plugin, the most recent changes in …


14:56 Ticket #1563 (No way to set `showLoading=false` if using XinhaLoader.js) created by ejucovy
See http://www.xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=8777#p8777 There is no …


23:05 Ticket #1523 (Dynamically create textarea and then init Xinha to it) closed by gogo
invalid: I'd close it, this is a matter for the person who wants to use Xinha, what …
20:49 Ticket #1541 (Allow more flexible configuration for formatblock options) closed by ejucovy
fixed: After mulling it over for a few days I'm still pretty happy with this …
20:48 Changeset [1296] by ejucovy
close #1541: add xinha_config.formatblockDetector option, which can be …
20:28 Ticket #1331 (inwardWysiwyg / outwardWysiwyg) closed by ejucovy
invalid: Closing this ticket as invalid, because as ray said this is what …
20:22 Ticket #1548 (Have an event in a Xinha window cause actions in the rest of the page) closed by ejucovy
no action needed: I'm closing this ticket as "no action needed" because it was also asked on …
20:18 Ticket #1528 (Incorrect Dutch translation for Langmarks plugin) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Thanks, I've committed the fixes on trunk in r1295.
20:16 Changeset [1295] by ejucovy
fix #1528: correct typos in dutch translationsfor LangMarks?
16:04 Changeset [1294] by ejucovy
clean up documentation-comment for multiStageLoader method (use multiline …


19:01 Changeset [1293] by ejucovy
use var foo = function() instead of function foo() when defining functions …
16:58 Changeset [1292] by ejucovy
Change expected output to match actual output, because I disagree with …
16:49 Changeset [1291] by ejucovy
add an additional test case which fails :(
16:48 Changeset [1290] by ejucovy
For some reason, console.error seems to ignore additional parameters, and …


23:29 Changeset [1289] by ejucovy
refs #1541: by adding a function _getFirstAncestorAndWhy underneath …
23:10 DownloadXinha edited by ejucovy


14:13 ReleaseNotes edited by ejucovy
01:40 Ticket #1562 (Updated CharacterMap: better support for Celtic) closed by ejucovy
duplicate: Oops -- this is a dup of #1235. Not sure why I didn't see that when I …
01:36 Ticket #1562 (Updated CharacterMap: better support for Celtic) created by ejucovy
Huw Wyn Jones submitted an updated CharacterMap?: "The only change is …
01:34 Ticket #1184 (Russian translations for PasteText and Stylist plugins) closed by ejucovy
fixed: It's true that they look mangled in Trac, and also in svn's web view, e.g. …


21:53 Ticket #1560 (TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables) reopened by ejucovy
Good point. I'll reopen.
21:42 Changeset [1288] by gogo
Allow the use of "fullscreen" as a toolbar element, rather than …
21:26 Documentation/UnsupportedPlugins edited by ejucovy
18:37 Changeset [1287] by ejucovy
add translation author info (per …
17:51 Ticket #1537 (Incorrect defaults listed in Xinha.Config.formatblock documentation) closed by ejucovy
fixed: r1286.
17:51 Changeset [1286] by ejucovy
#1537: correct the documentation for formatblock
17:48 Ticket #1536 (Xinha.Config.bodyClass and Xinha.Config.bodyID are undocumented) closed by ejucovy
fixed: r1285
17:48 Changeset [1285] by ejucovy
#1536: document config.bodyClass and .bodyID
17:46 Ticket #1535 (_editor_icons is undocumented) closed by ejucovy
fixed: I added it to the code block sample in that wiki page.
17:45 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by ejucovy
add _editor_icons example (diff)
17:42 Ticket #1534 ("fullscreen" toolbar button does not load properly) closed by ejucovy
no action needed: Actually, "popupeditor" is the way to spell it in the toolbar. This is …
17:33 Ticket #1530 (DefinionList: Syntax error and lint warning) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Thanks for spotting this. I committed your patch in r1284.
17:33 Changeset [1284] by ejucovy
#1530: fix DefinitionList? syntax error and lint warnings
17:28 Ticket #1545 (Unformat plugin uses wrong case to locate toolbar object) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Fixed in r1283.
17:27 Changeset [1283] by ejucovy
close #1545
17:15 Ticket #1538 (TableOperations: add config option to control currently-forced linebreak ...) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Since it doesn't *force* a linebreak unless flowToolbars is set to …
17:14 Changeset [1282] by ejucovy
closes #1538: add a cfg.TableOperations?.addToolbarLineBreak option, …
17:02 Ticket #1557 (translation for plugin DefinitionList) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Thanks. I added the russian translation. It looks like english …
17:01 Changeset [1281] by ejucovy
#1557: russian localization for DefinitionList?
16:51 Ticket #1560 (TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables) closed by ejucovy
fixed: r1280. I registered the action for td, not table -- the dblclickList …
16:46 Changeset [1280] by ejucovy
#1560: TableOperations? now registers a core dblclickList event for 'td' to …
16:28 Ticket #1561 (DefinitionList: register toolbar buttons next to standard list buttons) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Done in r1278 and r1279. (r1278 was incorrect -- it put the buttons on …
16:28 Changeset [1279] by ejucovy
whoops - my commit r1278 was wrong: it registered the buttons in the …
16:18 Changeset [1278] by ejucovy
close #1561: register DefinitionList? buttons near the standard list …
00:35 Ticket #1561 (DefinitionList: register toolbar buttons next to standard list buttons) created by ejucovy
Currently DefinitionList? registers its toolbar buttons at the end of the …
00:25 Ticket #1560 (TableOperations: define a dblclickList action for tables) created by ejucovy
The TableOperations plugin could define a dblclickList action for …


17:33 Ticket #1555 (DoubleClick plugin vs Xinha.Config.dblclickList) closed by ejucovy
fixed: I moved the plugin to unsupported_plugins. r1277.
17:33 Changeset [1277] by ejucovy
closes #1555: mark DoubleClick? as unsupported
17:31 Documentation/Plugins/DoubleClick edited by ejucovy
mark as unsupported (diff)
17:27 Changeset [1276] by ejucovy
refs #1555 (applying patch …
17:23 Ticket #1558 (unsupported_plugins refers users to a closed Trac ticket) closed by ejucovy
fixed: I changed the links in the debug message to the wiki page, r1275.
17:22 Changeset [1275] by ejucovy
closes #1558: refer users to a documentation page in the wiki if they are …
17:19 Ticket #1559 (DefinitionList <dl> button errors if cursor context is <body> elem) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Committed the above patch in r1273. Also, in r1274 I incremented the …
17:18 Changeset [1274] by ejucovy
refs #1559 -- may as well bump the version number for this fix
17:17 Changeset [1273] by ejucovy
closes #1559, <dl> button throws a JS error if the cursor context is the …
16:39 Documentation/UnsupportedPlugins created by ejucovy
15:51 Ticket #1559 (DefinitionList <dl> button errors if cursor context is <body> elem) created by ejucovy
If the user presses the <dl> button (from the DefinitionList plugin) …
13:49 Ticket #1558 (unsupported_plugins refers users to a closed Trac ticket) created by ejucovy
When a user loads a plugin from the unsupported_plugins directory, the …
11:17 Ticket #1557 (translation for plugin DefinitionList) created by guest
I have a tranlation file for plugin DefinitionList? russian & english
04:10 Ticket #1556 (editor._insertTable is not a function) closed by ejucovy
fixed: Done in r1272. Though, this is less important (or less interesting) than …
04:08 Changeset [1272] by ejucovy
instead of hijacking the inserttable button action, we define …
03:54 Ticket #1556 (editor._insertTable is not a function) created by ejucovy
Similar to #1553. XinhaCore.js expects to be able to call …
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