19:29 Ticket #1538 (TableOperations: add config option to control currently-forced linebreak ...) created by ejucovy
The TableOperations plugin always adds a linebreak to the toolbar before …
19:09 Ticket #1537 (Incorrect defaults listed in Xinha.Config.formatblock documentation) created by guest
The documentation for Xinha.Config.formatblock is incorrect -- the …
19:02 Ticket #1536 (Xinha.Config.bodyClass and Xinha.Config.bodyID are undocumented) created by guest
The bodyClass and bodyID options of Xinha.Config are undocumented in …
18:50 Ticket #1535 (_editor_icons is undocumented) created by guest
I had to dig through the source a bit to figure out how to use a different …
16:40 Ticket #1534 ("fullscreen" toolbar button does not load properly) created by guest
Using Xinha trunk@HEAD, the "fullscreen" toolbar button does not load …


16:56 Ticket #1533 (On-screen keyboard) created by guest
== Feature Request: == I'd like an on-screen keyboard to make it easier …


12:58 Ticket #1532 (Wrong Array.indexOf) closed by gogo
fixed: Thanks, fixed in changeset:1270 Not sure if the latest IE still needs …
12:57 Changeset [1270] by gogo
Fix indexOf implementation (for IE), ticket:1532
10:35 Ticket #1532 (Wrong Array.indexOf) created by guest
If no match found, should return -1 not null. Line 7218. This causes not …


18:58 Ticket #1531 (Use PasteText plugin automatically for all pastes?) created by guest
Hello I was wondering if there is a way to have all items that are pasted …


12:48 Ticket #1530 (DefinionList: Syntax error and lint warning) created by guest
There is a minor syntax error - a missing semicolon at the end of a line - …


09:50 Changeset [1269] by gogo
Patch for Mootools File Manager for deprecation of ereg in php.
09:47 Changeset [1268] by gogo
Update to latest Mootools File Manager


17:45 Ticket #1529 (Security Issues in XINHA WYSIWYG 0.96.1) created by guest
Hello there, we at MajorSecurity? found some security related …


12:15 Ticket #1528 (Incorrect Dutch translation for Langmarks plugin) created by guest
file plugins/LangMarks/lang/nl.js Latijns --> Latijn In the file comment …
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