22:06 Ticket #1486 (multiple hostnames) closed by gogo
invalid: Take it to forum, not bug tracker.
14:41 Ticket #1486 (multiple hostnames) created by guest
hello all ive have a strange problem, but maeby it is easy to fix. when …


06:17 Ticket #1485 (Add doubleclick funtionality to Xinha) created by guest
make it possible to add a generate event-handling to any plugin add the …


00:25 Ticket #1484 (Deeply relative links cause Xinha to fail) created by gogo
Read this thread: http://www.xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=2477


08:21 Ticket #1483 (Equation plugin "Cancel" button does not work) created by guest
I only tested on Firefox 3.5.5, but the "Cancel" button does not work …


14:31 Ticket #1482 (Unable to handle more than one equation in editor) created by guest
This is a rather catastrophic bug for anyone who's really using the …


03:32 Ticket #1481 (Firefox doesn't show embedded content when switch to WYSIWYG mode) created by guest
Insert embed content into article under the text-mode of Xinha: " <embed …


08:15 Ticket #1354 (ExtendedFileManager Support for PHP custom session handler) closed by gogo
wontfix: Will not be committed, it makes an enormous security hole. If you were …


02:26 Ticket #1480 (In FF,moving anchors will create more anchor after swaping text to html) created by guest
1.Insert an anchor. 2.Move it by mouse click and dragging. 3.Swap text to …


23:52 Ticket #1205 (Add "no delete" & "no edit" config options to ImageManager) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:1231 adds allow_delete and allow_edit to ImageManager?. Both …
23:51 Changeset [1231] by gogo
Ticket #1205 Add allow_delete and allow_edit to ImageManager? Add …
02:11 Changeset [1230] by ray
avoid unecessary pollution of global namespace


20:07 Changeset [1229] by ray
Mozilla changed navigator.productSub from a 12 digit number to a 10 digit …
18:25 Changeset [1228] by ray
Remove PersistantStorage? from Newbie example, because it not actually …
18:01 Ticket #1395 (deprecated font tags for styling) reopened by ray
Reopen, because I'd like to have this changed, too.
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01:12 Documentation/Plugins edited by gogo
01:11 Documentation/Plugins/CSSPicker created by gogo
01:10 Ticket #1479 (CSSPicker plugin) closed by gogo
fixed: Commited changeset:1227
01:09 Changeset [1227] by gogo
Ticket #1479 Add CSSPicker plugin.
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