18:15 Ticket #1407 (IE8 window resize causes infinite loop) created by guest
First discussed here: http://www.xinha.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=6617 I …
13:15 Ticket #1406 (FullScreen module translation to Spanish) created by guest
Hello, I was getting a somewhat annoying JavaScript? alert, since there's …


07:18 Ticket #1405 (ColorPicker) created by guest
Font Color, Background Color no color palettes on click. Firebug shows no …


10:28 Ticket #1404 (updating a table produces a table error in IE6) created by guest
If you create a table. Then go in and use the pop up for table properties …


11:46 Ticket #1403 (baseHref not stripped in Edit Link) created by guest
When editing a link the directory component of baseHref is not stripped. …
02:38 Ticket #1402 (Make Link - Browser Tab Hidden on IE 7) created by guest
When the Linker plugin is NOT installed, and I type the text Google, …


12:00 Ticket #1401 (created table loses formatting on preview) created by guest
If you create a table 2 rows 3 colums and enter data in the top row, when …


20:46 Ticket #1400 (FF3.0.5: paraHandlerBest - When hitting Enter in a table it skips to below ...) created by guest
Go to http://www.xinha.org/xinha-nightly/examples/ExtendedDemo.html Add a …
11:56 Changeset [1169] by ray
#1392 too much recursion when setting HTML in fullPage mode using …


21:06 Ticket #1390 (PreserveScripts shorthand php tags) closed by ray
fixed: rev [1168]: I wonder why this wasn't enabled in the first place. I hope …
21:04 Changeset [1168] by ray
#1390 PreserveScripts? shorthand php tags
20:22 Ticket #1394 (fullpage puts metas/ title all on the same line) closed by ray
fixed: rev [1167]
20:21 Changeset [1167] by ray
#1394 fullpage puts metas/ title all on the same line
19:26 Changeset [1166] by ray
fix regression from rev [1158]


20:27 Ticket #1399 (Browser difference in links created in extended file manager) created by guest
There seems to be a difference in how Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3 …
13:04 Ticket #1398 (wysiwyg / text mode should share the same undo/redo history) created by guest
if you change something in text mode and go into wysiwyg mode you should …
13:01 Ticket #1397 (redo doesn't work properly) created by guest
type something in e.g. test then undo. (text disappears) then redo. …
03:26 Ticket #1396 (EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time) created by guest
Select an image and click the File Link from EFM to create a link on the …
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