16:49 Ticket #1377 ([Confirmed] Smiley images not loading in InsertSmiley plugin) created by guest
http://skitch.com/anilmakhijani/bnyu4/insert-smiley Reproduction Steps: …
15:50 Ticket #1376 (Dialogs are invisible in IE6) created by nicholasbs
The new inline dialogs are invisible in IE6. It looks like it was r1141


15:40 Ticket #1176 (new dialogs) reopened by guest
In the current trunk (r1153), the new dialogs used by linker (and other …
03:57 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by douglas
03:55 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by douglas
Some notes to give ideas about updates to the doc, and some direction for … (diff)


19:36 Ticket #1375 (quot becomes ') created by guest
Tested with latest svn version. == Original HTML Code == […] == …
10:30 Ticket #1374 (Table insert not work in ie8) created by guest
xinha 0.96 version insert table doesnot run in ie8 beta


16:26 WikiStart edited by wymsy
fix typo (diff)


09:38 Ticket #1369 (Missing translation = error in javascript) closed by ray
invalid: I have looked in XinhaCore?.js why and when this error message is thrown, …


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20:38 Changeset [1153] by ray
0.96 beta tag
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Add a link to the download (diff)
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Update Release notes link (diff)
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adden note about classic icons (diff)
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20:04 Changeset [1152] by ray
* added yuicompressor binary * updated copyright notices to 2009
16:38 PhoenixRelease created by douglas
Initial Import


11:26 Ticket #1373 (Xinha 'Insert web link' not working appropriately with the Mac safari ...) created by guest
Xinha 'Insert web link' not working appropriately with the Mac safari …


21:06 Changeset [1151] by ray
reverted "load file and have script in same script tag"
20:50 Changeset [1150] by nicholasbs
Fix release notes to include notes from previous releases Change name from …
20:12 Changeset [1149] by nicholasbs
Updated release notes for 0.96 beta1
17:42 Ticket #1316 (In InternetExplorer, the cursor is lost when switching into source mode) closed by douglas
fixed: r1148 fixes this by applying the patch. There are some issues with IE6 …
17:40 Changeset [1148] by douglas
FIXED Ticket #1316 When switching to text mode in IE, the cursor is not …
17:37 Ticket #1372 (In IE8 beta, changing modes breaks Xinha on first load.ta) created by douglas
Hitting refresh makes this bug go away. At this point all we know is that …
17:12 Ticket #1371 (Cursor position is lost when switching between modes in IE6) created by nicholasbs
When switching between modes in IE6, the cursor position is reset to the …


16:37 Ticket #1230 ([PATCH] CSS width attribute breaks select display in IE) closed by nicholasbs
fixed: Patch applied in r1147. Tested and works in FF3, Safari, IE6, IE7, and …
16:31 Changeset [1147] by nicholasbs
Fixes #1230 (popup menus disappear if page styles 'select' elements' …
11:35 Ticket #1370 (errors on installation of Xina) closed by gogo
invalid: Sorry, this is not the Drupal helpdesk.


21:55 Ticket #1370 (errors on installation of Xina) created by guest
I have just installed Xina/HTML 0.95 editor to my clients drupal 5.14 …


11:49 Ticket #1369 (Missing translation = error in javascript) created by guest
Hi, I'm using xinha with the plugin SmartReplace?, the problem is: if the …


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general cleanup (diff)


21:09 Ticket #1368 (Enter/shift-enter functionality should be made more obvious for new users) created by nicholasbs
Pressing enter breaks out of tags (e.g., headings), while pressing …
19:21 Ticket #1298 (CSS styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing source (Safari ...) closed by nicholasbs
fixed: I've checked this change in for WebKit?.js as r1146. I have not yet …
19:18 Changeset [1146] by nicholasbs
Fixes #1298 (CSS styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing …
17:13 Ticket #1367 (Cursor position is not set correctly when switching to source view) created by nicholasbs
The cursor placement works correctly in Safari when first switching into …


19:26 Ticket #1357 (safari form submit has empty form field names in POST data, causes failure ...) closed by nicholasbs
fixed: Changeset r1145 applies the fix proposed above. Thanks for the fix!
19:22 Changeset [1145] by nicholasbs
Fixes #1357 (safari form submit has empty form field names in POST data)
16:24 Ticket #1356 (safari form submit has empty form field names in POST data, causes failure ...) closed by nicholasbs
duplicate: See #1357 (keeping newer ticket since that one has a comment)


11:48 Ticket #1366 (Compressing Xinha with yuicompressor-2.4.1.jar) created by guest
Hi, I've created Editor plugin for Joomla based on Xinha, I hope it will …


16:30 Ticket #1365 (WYSIWYG view of font face and size selections) created by guest
Xinha is the most powerful editor available, but one capability that other …
15:34 Changeset [1144] by ray
Updated inline documentation for XinhaCore?.js and XinhaDialog?.js
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