21:27 Changeset [1021] by nicholasbs
CHANGED ticket #1176 Finish converting TableOperations? plugin to work with …
20:31 Changeset [1020] by nicholasbs
Show alert should someone try to use a modeless dialog. See ticket #1264
19:53 Changeset [1019] by nicholasbs
Initial fix for ticket #1264 - option to close modal dialogs when escape …


21:22 Ticket #1264 (Lightboxes should close when user presses ESC) created by nicholasbs
It's pretty standard that lightboxes (i.e., dialogs like the ones in the …
20:39 Changeset [1018] by nicholasbs
Fix for ticket #1259
17:45 Changeset [1017] by nicholasbs
Code from dialog configuration patches in ticket #1176 - New dialog …
15:25 Ticket #1263 (Cut, Copy, Paste Not Showing in Firefox) created by guest
How can I get the cut, copy, and paste icons to show up in Firefox? They …


22:44 Ticket #1262 (Feature-request: add additional path to sizeItDown method in fullscreen ...) created by guest
The current implementation of the sizeItDown method in the fullscreen …
15:19 Ticket #1261 (Dutch translation for Fullscreen module) created by guest
Added Dutch translation file for Fuilscreen module.
14:00 Ticket #1260 (image map html code layout is "destroyed" when toggling wysiwyg/source ...) created by guest
Specifying a map like <map name="Map" id="Map">­­ <area …


21:21 Ticket #1259 (Editor still active when dialog is open (new-dialogs branch)) created by guest
To reproduce: 1) Click insert image (or any other plugin that has been …
08:17 Ticket #1258 (Event object is not handed over to event handlers installed on textarea) created by guest
When installing e.g. an onkeypress-handler on the textarea of the editor …


03:48 Ticket #1257 (Error if url query string included '/') created by guest
If I have a url string as like page.htm?date=2008/08/08, the toolbar …


14:55 Ticket #1256 (INVALID: Buttons greyed out, Xinha does not work at all.) created by guest
Just installed Xinha. My entire text ares is greyed out. None of the …


01:50 Ticket #1255 (how to call xinha from my perl program) closed by gogo
invalid: Ask in the forum. NB: Xinha is for WEB BROWSERS not desktop applications.


15:00 Ticket #1255 (how to call xinha from my perl program) created by guest
Hi, everyone, I'd like to call xinha to edit a document and save it from …


12:11 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by colliverd
12:11 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by colliverd


11:49 Ticket #945 (Add ability for stylist to add ids to blocks) closed by gogo
wontfix: This change has certainly been sitting around for a while. I am -1 on it. …
10:07 Ticket #1153 (Text colour) closed by gogo
invalid: Xinha Here! is not part of this project.
10:05 Ticket #1156 (£ should be converted to &pound;) closed by gogo
wontfix: Use special replacements if you like, but Xinha is designed to be UTF-8, …
09:58 Ticket #1192 (strip baseHref when drag images) closed by gogo
cantfix: This is firefox behaviour surely. We can't do much about it.
09:51 Ticket #1204 (FullScreen not registered) closed by gogo
worksforme: It works for me, FullScreen? is registered in Xinha.prototype.generate -- I …
09:46 Ticket #1211 (The regular expression in Xinha.RE_doctype needs correction) closed by gogo
wontfix: I say wontfix this because properly finding and parsing such a doctype …
09:42 Ticket #1233 (Plugin to automatically insert paragraphs in javascript) closed by gogo
wontfix: Actually, on thinking about this, I think what you are saying is exactly …
03:05 Ticket #1254 (IE7 hasSelectedText(); / getSelection() / getSelectedHTML()) closed by gogo
worksforme: Vista, IE7, I can NOT reproduce the behaviour in the current Nightly ( …


16:34 Ticket #1254 (IE7 hasSelectedText(); / getSelection() / getSelectedHTML()) created by guest
09:42 Documentation/Plugins/EnterParagraphs edited by gogo
04:13 Ticket #1203 (RE: Ticket #1196 - Ampersands in PRE tags - Improper assumption about HTML ...) closed by gogo
wontfix: Entization is the correct behaviour, I refer you to the specification: …
03:59 Ticket #1210 (cursor jumps from last line to first) closed by gogo
worksforme: Works for me Opera 9.5, there is not much point supporting older versions …
03:56 Ticket #1214 (Setting a limit to the "number of Words" entered) closed by gogo
wontfix: This is something you probably should do on the server end. But you could …
03:52 Ticket #1218 (OnChange Event) closed by gogo
no action needed: Replying to guest: > Different guest here, but I'm writing a …
03:45 Ticket #1219 (Start editor without needing to click into editor) closed by gogo
no action needed: From memory, you can use xinha_editors.myEditor.activateEditor() to focus …
03:40 Ticket #1223 (URL button Problem) closed by gogo
worksforme: It appears to work for me in the current nightly (two editors, linker …
03:38 Ticket #1222 (Xinha causes scroll issue when in an iframe.) closed by gogo
no action needed
03:31 Ticket #1225 (adding videos) closed by gogo
invalid: John's plugin would certainly be committed if you provide a clean patch …
03:20 Ticket #1229 (xinha question) closed by gogo
invalid: From the sound of your ticket, I bet you're trying to load it over file://
03:17 Ticket #1231 (Extended File Manager Bug?) closed by gogo
invalid: You must specify both images_dir and images_url, the default images_url is …
02:59 Ticket #1236 (Firefox 3) closed by gogo
worksforme: Works for me in 3.
02:57 Ticket #1237 (Form won't submit in FF with Xinha on the page) closed by gogo
worksforme: First you are using "Spry", any incompatability you will have to resolve …


16:36 Ticket #1242 (php-xinha.php - xinha_read_passed_data() - loosing session variables) closed by gogo
worksforme: Are you somehow starting the session too early and thus utilising a …
16:34 Ticket #1243 (I miss a button to end the align/float propertiy of an image) closed by gogo
wontfix: This is the correct behaviour. Aligning an image left/right makes it …
16:31 Ticket #1247 (CharCounter Problems with Silva skin) closed by gogo
invalid: We do not have a plugin called "Silva". More information required.
16:29 Ticket #1248 (Problem Loading) closed by gogo
worksforme: More information required. Browser, version, errors reported in your …
16:26 Ticket #1249 (Installed basic Xinha, but get wrong display in FireFox and Safari) closed by gogo
worksforme: Have not seen this reproduced, problem is very very likely with your …
16:23 Ticket #1252 (<span> instead of <font> for font sizes) closed by gogo
invalid: Look at the various CSS plugins.
16:22 Ticket #1251 (ExtendedFileManager config Problem) closed by gogo
invalid: Documentation here: …
15:54 DownloadXinha edited by gogo


21:59 Ticket #1253 (iPhone support?) created by guest
Has anyone discussed the possibility of supporting the iPhone / iPod Touch …


10:04 Ticket #1252 (<span> instead of <font> for font sizes) created by guest
Instead of the standard font sizes dropdown list, I'd like to be able to …


22:32 Ticket #1251 (ExtendedFileManager config Problem) created by guest
Hello, I look now for 2 hours. But I didn´t find anything. So I hope you …


23:41 Ticket #1250 (IE7 DOMwalk empty styled paragraphs collapse) created by guest
On the restricted demo page using IE7 (XP SP2), clear the xinha, type …
18:47 Ticket #1249 (Installed basic Xinha, but get wrong display in FireFox and Safari) created by guest
I have been using Xinha for a year, it's great. The only thing is that …


10:45 Ticket #1248 (Problem Loading) created by guest
So when you go to my site and get to a page with Xinha on. It loads up the …
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