07:35 Ticket #1245 (it' not possible to enter percent values to height or width attributes of ...) created by guest
1) insert an image with the "Insert/Modify? Image" button. 2) switch to …


22:22 Ticket #1244 (Image Captions) created by guest
I think that it would be great if the "image manager" plugin had the …


15:46 Ticket #1243 (I miss a button to end the align/float propertiy of an image) created by guest
When I set the alignment of an image to left, all following text and …


21:03 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by colliverd
15:05 Documentation/Plugins edited by gogo
15:04 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by gogo
15:04 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial edited by gogo
15:01 Documentation/DevelopingForXinha/PluginTutorial created by gogo


21:26 Ticket #1242 (php-xinha.php - xinha_read_passed_data() - loosing session variables) created by guest
I'm using Firefox: I'm trying to configure Extended File manager …


15:09 Ticket #1241 ([PATCH] new dialogs -- dialogs don't close on pressing enter/return) created by guest
The new dialogs created using the system in ticket #1176 do not support …


20:52 Ticket #1240 ([PATCH] Linker: trim spaces from url) created by guest
For some reason, users will sometimes mis-copy and enter a space before or …
17:48 Ticket #1239 ([Patch] Character Map) closed by gogo
duplicate: Oops, looks like this is a dup of ticket:1235
17:45 Ticket #1239 ([Patch] Character Map) created by gogo
Received to my personal email from Huw Wyn Jones […]
17:40 Ticket #1238 ([Patch] SpellChecker) created by gogo
Received to my personal email from Håkon Karlsen: […]


21:33 Changeset [1016] by douglas
CHANGED Ticket #1176 Convert BackgroundImage? plugin to new dialog system
19:57 Changeset [1015] by douglas
CHANGED Ticket #1176 Convert UnFormat? plugin to new dialog system


19:54 Ticket #1217 (Simple test server for demoing/testing Xinha) closed by douglas
fixed: r1014 adds the contrib version of this test server... It'll run correctly …
19:52 Changeset [1014] by douglas
ADDED Ticket #1217 Simple server to use for testing or demoing Xinha


12:52 Ticket #1237 (Form won't submit in FF with Xinha on the page) created by guest
Hello, The form will not be submitted with a XINHA (Release: 0.95 (Do, 01 …


15:26 Ticket #1236 (Firefox 3) created by guest
Will Xinha be available for Firefox version 3? Thanks for the product, …
07:47 Ticket #1235 ([PATCH] New Character Map Plugin) created by guest
Hi. Here's a replacement for the Character Map plugin. The replacement …


03:03 Ticket #1234 ([confirmed] words attribute can't keep when type [enter] key) created by guest
for example: ppl use xinha editor , firstly set attribute like font size …


18:43 Ticket #1233 (Plugin to automatically insert paragraphs in javascript) created by guest
When inserting text that is not already in a paragraph, xinha uses br's …
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