14:02 Ticket #1230 ([PATCH] CSS width attribute breaks select display in IE) created by guest
If there's a CSS block for the select tag specifying a width as …


14:07 Ticket #1229 (xinha question) created by guest
Hi, I have tried to install xinha editor, since i want to use it in my …
01:27 Ticket #1228 ([PATCH?] superClean php tidy handler) created by guest
I tried to setup a custom php tidy handler. It didn't work at all until I …


14:50 Changeset [1013] by ray
14:16 Changeset [1012] by ray
14:08 Changeset [1011] by ray
update to new dialog plugins: separation of code into several files to …
10:56 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by ray
10:33 Ticket #1227 (@import rule & stylistLoadStylesheet) created by guest
No css rule seems to be loaded if there's an @import rule in the external …


19:45 Ticket #1226 ([Confirmed] Hitting enter in certain documents causes the rest of the text ...) created by douglas
Go to http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/xinha-nightly/examples/ExtendedDemo.html and …


13:12 Ticket #1225 (adding videos) created by guest
I would like to add my own button for inserting video code (such as …
01:51 Ticket #1224 ([confirmed] sevenbitclean? / ghost cursor error with html mode toggle ...) created by guest
When sevenbitclean is enabled, toggling between html mode and wysiwyg mode …


05:08 Ticket #1223 (URL button Problem) created by guest
Hello All, i have a small problem with the url button, i use the xinha in …


20:25 Ticket #1222 (Xinha causes scroll issue when in an iframe.) created by guest
I ran into a problem when xinha is in an iframe. An auto scrolling feature …


19:40 Ticket #1221 ([confirmed] selecting heading normal on nothing throws exception alert) created by guest
steps to reproduce: 1. open nightly demo in firefox (3rc1) 2. select all …
12:40 Ticket #1220 ([patch] need to pass arguments to the server side SuperClean (HtmlTidy) ...) created by guest
By default Superclean calles tidy.php with the argument 'content'. My …


13:13 Ticket #1219 (Start editor without needing to click into editor) created by guest
Is ther a way to start the xinha editor with editor being in focus do that …
13:10 Ticket #1218 (OnChange Event) created by guest
Is there a way to add on on change event to Xinha? I want to add this …


16:45 Changeset [1010] by ray
further updates to new dialogs
11:22 Ticket #1164 (Images directory defaults to demo images?) closed by ray


19:42 Changeset [1009] by ray
some fixes for dragging for new dialogs


17:53 Ticket #1217 (Simple test server for demoing/testing Xinha) created by douglas
It would be very useful to have a simple web server for developing against …
16:04 Changeset [1008] by ray
merging new-dialogs and trunk via intermediate branch
13:49 Ticket #1216 ([patch] [HtmlTidy] plugin ignores its configuration file when using tidy ...) created by guest
Currently, HtmlTidy? plugin ignores its configuration file when running …
12:55 Changeset [1007] by ray
merging new-dialogs and trunk via intermediate branch
12:51 Ticket #1215 ([HtmlTidy] plugin doesn't work when compressed for release) created by guest
I just downloaded Xinha 0.95, and HtmlTidy? plugin doesn't work in it. …
12:24 Changeset [1006] by ray
merging new-dialogs and trunk via intermediate branch
11:35 Changeset [1005] by ray
11:10 Changeset [1004] by ray


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congratulations, new release for ff3. (diff)


10:00 Ticket #1164 (Images directory defaults to demo images?) reopened by guest
Nope, does still not work for me :-( Either it's my settings or something …


13:29 Ticket #1214 (Setting a limit to the "number of Words" entered) created by guest
Hello Everyone, I am working on a project where I need to set a limit to …


18:04 Changeset [1003] by douglas
Ticket #1213 partial rollback of duplicated code…
17:59 Ticket #1213 (Would be nice to protect unsaved changes from accidental loss when ...) closed by douglas
17:57 Changeset [1002] by douglas
Ticket #1213 Enhancement to prevent users from accidentally throwing away …


18:06 Ticket #1212 (Unable to override create link functionality) closed by ray
no action needed: OK
14:52 Ticket #1213 (Would be nice to protect unsaved changes from accidental loss when ...) created by douglas
Our users (mostly non-technical) seem to have a fairly high right of …
13:51 Ticket #1212 (Unable to override create link functionality) created by guest
I am unable to override the create link functionality without modifying …


12:56 Ticket #1211 (The regular expression in Xinha.RE_doctype needs correction) created by guest
Hi, I intend to use (after modifications) the Equation plugin for …
12:18 Ticket #1210 (cursor jumps from last line to first) created by guest
opera 9.27, linux. both on stable and nightly demo …


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added 0.95 release (diff)
15:31 Changeset [1001] by ray
fixed RegExp? that extracts revision number, etc. from svn keywords
13:31 Ticket #1208 (Opening a new window clicking on icon?) closed by ray
invalid: Not a bug. It seems you are trying to configure the URI for the …
13:10 Ticket #1164 (Images directory defaults to demo images?) closed by ray
worksforme: Sorry, I can't reproduce this.
12:57 Ticket #1162 (Color Picker not position correctly in a div that has scrolling [patch]) closed by ray
05:00 Milestone 0.95 completed
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