16:20 Ticket #898 (Inserting HTML comment in IE 7 doesn't work.) created by guest
IE 7 seems to break the inserting of comments. I've used a custom …
13:06 Ticket #736 (Plugin - Install) closed by ray
invalid: no bug
12:58 Ticket #809 (xinha inserts only plain-text characters (e.g. ä not ä or € not ...) closed by ray
wontfix: That's way it is. Use HtmlEntities? plugin
12:48 Ticket #878 (skin.css loaded x times) closed by ray
12:45 Ticket #893 (GetHtml: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly) closed by ray
12:44 Ticket #845 (Popupdivs don't show if the editor is inside a div with a z-index) closed by ray
fixed: fixed [624]
12:41 Ticket #871 (Feature request: Make a Wiki Editor Option) closed by ray
wontfix: I think that's totally out of the scope of an online HTML editor


22:18 Ticket #897 (SpellChecker Problem) created by stf@…
I installed Xinha 1.0 into PostNuke? .764 and so far it seems to work okay …
17:18 Changeset [627] by ray
Plugin Equation (aka ASCIIMath): some updates
14:06 Ticket #895 (Full Page Mode broken in Simple Example (the one with two editors) in IE7) closed by ray
fixed: rev [626] Explanation: Stylist uses the plugin API function …
13:57 Changeset [626] by ray
Ticket #895 Full Page Mode broken in Simple Example (the one with two …
13:04 Ticket #896 (Missing ";" after HTMLArea.prototype._shortCuts breaks Xinha when ...) closed by ray
fixed: fixd rev [625] Btw, can you recommend a compressor to use?
13:01 Changeset [625] by ray
Ticket #896 Missing ";" after HTMLArea.prototype._shortCuts breaks Xinha …
07:46 Ticket #896 (Missing ";" after HTMLArea.prototype._shortCuts breaks Xinha when ...) created by mharrisonline
There has to be a ; after HTMLArea.prototype._shortCuts, just before the …
05:25 Ticket #895 (Full Page Mode broken in Simple Example (the one with two editors) in IE7) created by mharrisonline
In IE7 (it works fine in Firefox) launch the Simple Example, the one with …


16:50 Ticket #894 (Affichage de la selection couleur en mode fullscreen) closed by ray
fixed: [624]: Full screen editor has z-index 999, so I raise by 1 and give …
16:49 Changeset [624] by ray
Ticket #894 color_picker.js: add z-index to color picker to show it over …
15:09 Ticket #894 (Affichage de la selection couleur en mode fullscreen) created by guest
En mode plein ecran l'affichage de la selection couleur s'affiche en …


14:54 Changeset [623] by ray
Ticket #893 GetHtml?: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly
14:54 Ticket #893 (GetHtml: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly) created by ray
In Mozilla the encoding is incorrect, in IE it doesn't work at all …


11:25 Changeset [622] by ray
made a copy
00:43 Ticket #881 (EFM: return to the directory last open) closed by ray
00:43 Ticket #875 (Turn off Firefox 2 spellchecking in HTML mode) closed by ray
00:42 Ticket #854 (Alternative way of passing dynamic replacements to localization) closed by ray
00:42 Ticket #531 (Special character encoding error in Linker/IE) closed by ray
worksforme: This seems to be working now


22:31 Changeset [621] by ray
oops, a bug…
20:18 Changeset [620] by ray
Improve the handling of JavaScript? inside the editor (see #685) …


16:13 Ticket #892 (Extending inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions for internal rewriting of Flash ...) created by guest
This is more a feature request than a bug ticket... Anyway... I'd love to …


16:16 Ticket #891 (Toggling view improperly converts characters) created by guest
Hi, I just downloaded the most recent build. I then deployed a single …
14:50 Changeset [619] by gocher
New version of the charcounter plugin with max HTML length
12:20 Changeset [618] by gocher
enamble form elements only in forms
11:01 WikiStart edited by ray
removed over 1500(!) lines of spam links (diff)
07:26 WikiStart edited by guest


10:36 Ticket #890 (line wrap in HTMLArea.indent) created by ray
wymsy, would that be possible? I would like to have this function …


19:11 Ticket #889 (Edit HTML for seleted text duplicates font tag.) created by guest
Type something into the editor, select some text, change the font, …
13:04 Ticket #870 (fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content) closed by ray
fixed: Committed Changeset [617]
13:03 Changeset [617] by ray
* htmlarea.js: Ticket #870 fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content …


10:00 Ticket #888 (Table properties dialog is too small. Ok and cancel buttons are hidden.) created by henrik.andersen@…
When using TableOperations? in IE Table properties, row properties and cell …
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