14:54 Changeset [623] by ray
Ticket #893 GetHtml: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly
14:54 Ticket #893 (GetHtml: config.only7BitPrintablesInURLs not working properly) created by ray
In Mozilla the encoding is incorrect, in IE it doesn't work at all …


11:25 Changeset [622] by ray
made a copy
00:43 Ticket #881 (EFM: return to the directory last open) closed by ray
00:43 Ticket #875 (Turn off Firefox 2 spellchecking in HTML mode) closed by ray
00:42 Ticket #854 (Alternative way of passing dynamic replacements to localization) closed by ray
00:42 Ticket #531 (Special character encoding error in Linker/IE) closed by ray
worksforme: This seems to be working now


22:36 Documentation/ConfigVariablesList edited by ray
added xinha_config.stripScripts (diff)
22:31 Changeset [621] by ray
oops, a bug…
20:18 Changeset [620] by ray
Improve the handling of JavaScript? inside the editor (see #685) …


11:03 Documentation/ConfigVariablesList edited by ray


16:13 Ticket #892 (Extending inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions for internal rewriting of Flash ...) created by guest
This is more a feature request than a bug ticket... Anyway... I'd love to …


16:16 Ticket #891 (Toggling view improperly converts characters) created by guest
Hi, I just downloaded the most recent build. I then deployed a single …
14:50 Changeset [619] by gocher
New version of the charcounter plugin with max HTML length
12:20 Changeset [618] by gocher
enamble form elements only in forms
11:01 WikiStart edited by ray
removed over 1500(!) lines of spam links (diff)
07:26 WikiStart edited by guest


10:36 Ticket #890 (line wrap in HTMLArea.indent) created by ray
wymsy, would that be possible? I would like to have this function …


19:11 Ticket #889 (Edit HTML for seleted text duplicates font tag.) created by guest
Type something into the editor, select some text, change the font, …
13:04 Ticket #870 (fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content) closed by ray
fixed: Committed Changeset [617]
13:03 Changeset [617] by ray
* htmlarea.js: Ticket #870 fixRelativeLinks strips baseHref from content …


10:00 Ticket #888 (Table properties dialog is too small. Ok and cancel buttons are hidden.) created by henrik.andersen@…
When using TableOperations in IE Table properties, row properties and cell …


14:04 Ticket #887 (Heading changes into an incorrect tag) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [616]
14:03 Changeset [616] by ray
Ticket #887 Heading changes into an incorrect tag
13:23 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) closed by ray
fixed: If you need the entities (e.g. to use the € in ISO-8859-1, a common case …
13:21 Changeset [615] by ray
HtmlEntities?: new plugin, see ticket #127
13:20 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) reopened by ray
04:04 Ticket #887 (Heading changes into an incorrect tag) created by Borys
Looks like something is wrong with formatting and sometimes it creates …


14:52 Ticket #886 (Code to handle shortcuts moved from _editorEvent() to separate function) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [614]
14:50 Changeset [614] by ray
htmlarea.js: Ticket #886 Code to handle shortcuts moved from …
14:49 Ticket #886 (Code to handle shortcuts moved from _editorEvent() to separate function) created by ray
that can be overridden to tweak the available shortcuts
12:35 Ticket #885 (More possibilities in createLink function) created by henrik.andersen@…
Add more possibilities to createLink function, so that people can make …
12:25 Ticket #884 (More possibilities in InsertImage - Code included) created by henrik.andersen@…
Added more possibilities to insertimage function, so that users can make …


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Equation: new version Discussion: Ticket #877
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