19:22 Ticket #865 (Compatibility) created by guest
What operating systems is Xinha compatible with (Windows, Unix, Linux, …
10:26 WikiStart edited by ray
deleted Wiki spam (diff)
03:43 WikiStart edited by guest
03:43 WikiStart edited by guest


13:14 Changeset [595] by ray
Ticket #862 Adding target to a link on an image doesn't work on creation


16:18 Ticket #863 (Using Esc in dialog creates error) closed by ray
fixed: The closing is wanted behaviour. The error is catched in [594]
16:13 Changeset [594] by ray
* Ticket #863 Using Esc in dialog creates error * popup.js dlg_init() …
12:38 WikiStart edited by shun
12:37 WikiStartJapan edited by shun
11:59 WikiStartJapan created by shun
11:57 WikiStart edited by shun
11:38 Ticket #525 (CSS background not applied to whole iframe) reopened by ray
This patch makes that body background styles are only applied to the part …


22:54 Ticket #864 (Allow to use any color, not just pick from predefined palette) created by guest
I was not able to select color I want in neither color picker …
22:43 Ticket #863 (Using Esc in dialog creates error) created by henrik.andersen@…
Using Esc in dialog (InsertImage?) closes window, and creates an javascript …


10:59 Changeset [593] by ray
* EFM: added possible configuration value "max" for …


20:04 Ticket #862 (Adding target to a link on an image doesn't work on creation) created by charles@…
When inserting a new link, the "target" property isn't set when doing it …


22:34 Ticket #861 (HTML Syntax highlighting in source view) created by koto
I found some really clever JS library that could make it possible to …


19:14 Changeset [592] by koto
- updated full example code (fixed a few HTML warnings) - font in …
19:06 Changeset [591] by koto
- bugfix for Linker plugin ( "syntax error" message was displayed instead …
19:00 Ticket #860 (Garbage collector alert messages 'what is 1 null') created by koto
When refreshing the full_example.html page in a Firefox browser, I …
17:06 Ticket #859 (Color pickers partially hidden) created by koto
By default, color pickers right edge is aligned with right edge of the …
15:39 Changeset [590] by ray
EFM: add class for skinning
13:41 Changeset [589] by koto
- Small fix in polish translation file
13:39 Changeset [588] by koto
ExtendedFileManager? bugfixes: - editor does not display 'save' icon on …
04:52 Ticket #858 (If an Xinha editor does in hidden element whet it generates, it freezes) created by guest
I have some textarea(s) inside my form, some of them are hidden (inside a …


05:32 Ticket #857 (Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place) created by egk10@…
I've tested this quite extensively and it only affects Firefox. When …
00:10 Ticket #856 (ContextMenu event handler oddity) created by ray
Have a look at context-menu.js, line 287: […] This looks like an …


22:22 Ticket #795 (imageManager bugs) closed by ray
worksforme: I think there is not anything to say about this, as its quite old and …
21:58 Ticket #842 (Patch to fix IE browser back button) closed by ray
fixed: Seems to work alright. Committed in [587]
21:55 Changeset [587] by ray
Ticket #842 Patch to fix IE browser back button
18:15 Ticket #855 (ExtendedFileManager: added translations) closed by ray
fixed: committed in Changeset [586]
18:03 Changeset [586] by ray
ExtendedFileManager?: added translations (#855)
18:02 Ticket #855 (ExtendedFileManager: added translations) created by ray
There were several messages containig dynamic stuff like disk space, file …
17:47 Changeset [585] by ray
HTMLArea._lc (): Alternative way of passing dynamic replacements to …
17:36 Ticket #854 (Alternative way of passing dynamic replacements to localization) created by ray
The localization system provides the possibilty to localize strings that …
13:05 Changeset [584] by gocher
Make TableOperations? skinable


23:37 Changeset [583] by ray
OK, a.getAttribute('href') seems to work much better than a.href
21:37 Ticket #839 (Impossible to remove link from linker plugin when original selection is ...) closed by ray
fixed: OK, was not so hard. See Changeset [582]
21:36 Changeset [582] by ray
Linker update: * update the selection after inserting link (See ticket …
00:10 Changeset [581] by ray
Linker: * use fixRelativeLinks() * fixed buggy handling of anchor links …


21:03 Changeset [580] by koto
- deleted extra file inserted in changeset:579
19:35 Changeset [579] by ray
ExtendedFileManager? updates: *to complete cofigurability through js …
14:22 Changeset [578] by ray
With magic_quotes_qpc on, each call of xinha_passed_data_querystring() …
10:48 Changeset [577] by ray
*spelling correction


19:54 Changeset [576] by koto
ExtendedFileManager? updates: - bugfix: JS error displayed in manager.js …
10:38 Ticket #853 (Translation for farsi) closed by gogo
fixed: Committed, thanks. changeset:575
10:38 Changeset [575] by gogo
Add Farsi translation from #853
06:24 Ticket #853 (Translation for farsi) created by sina@…
I just transalted Xinha interface to Farsi, there is some problem like …


03:19 Changeset [574] by ray
Whitespace problem mastered now, I hope
01:19 Ticket #852 (some patches for EFM) closed by ray
fixed: Yes, quite tricky indeed. Cut it down to …
01:12 Changeset [573] by ray
Ticket #852


14:25 Ticket #852 (some patches for EFM) created by ray
Hi! 1. If you dont't specify any margin, padding, or border the respective …
04:25 Changeset [572] by gogo
Undo the spurious whitespace changes introduced in changeset:569
00:10 Ticket #851 (ExtendedFileManager default config alt-attribute hidden) closed by koto
fixed: fixed in [571]
00:09 Changeset [571] by koto
- fixes ticket #851 - insert file dialog now also supports passing options …


19:50 Changeset [570] by ray
For the example config to work there need to be different settings for …
17:23 Ticket #851 (ExtendedFileManager default config alt-attribute hidden) created by ray
The alt attribute is an obligatory attribute for the img-tag whereas the …
17:11 Changeset [569] by ray
* the image insert dialog was slightly to small * there was a orphan 'tu' …
15:04 Ticket #843 (Linker wiki page supplying misleading information) closed by ray


20:29 Changeset [568] by ray
Just a little spelling correction
19:24 Ticket #850 (ExtendedFileManager supports new configuration passing from [565]) closed by koto
fixed: commited in [567]
19:24 Changeset [567] by koto
ExtendedFileManager? update: - EFM now supports new way of passing …
19:22 Ticket #850 (ExtendedFileManager supports new configuration passing from [565]) created by koto
This ticket is just a placeholder for the newest ExtendedFileManager?
16:55 Ticket #849 (New backend configurator magic_quotes_gpc problem) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:566
16:55 Changeset [566] by gogo
Fix magic quotes problem - #849
16:54 Ticket #849 (New backend configurator magic_quotes_gpc problem) created by gogo
tracking ticket only, see changeset to follow.
16:15 Documentation/Plugins/Linker edited by gogo
16:07 Documentation/Plugins/ImageManager edited by gogo
16:05 Documentation/Plugins/ImageManager edited by gogo
16:04 Documentation/Plugins/ImageManager edited by gogo
15:56 Ticket #844 (Linker plugin scan.php could employ JS configuration like Image Manager) closed by gogo
fixed: Committed in changeset:565 Example usage […]
15:50 Changeset [565] by gogo
Improvements to passing configuration to (php currently) Plugin backends. …
13:47 Changeset [564] by gogo
Cleaning up some junk svn stuff that got into the repository somehow.
09:43 Ticket #840 (Linker plugin mystery) closed by gogo
invalid: Reason is simple - there may be multiple copies of the (inline) dialog …


20:42 Ticket #848 (Indentation modifies page layout by inserting a space before the idented ...) created by xinha.10.the_redburn@…
[…] will become […] which will insert a space between the "(" and …
20:22 Ticket #847 ("strip _moz attributes" brokes <img src="/images/mini_mozilla.png" />) created by xinha.10.the_redburn@…
[…] This matches <img src="/images/mini_mozilla.png" />, so it brokes …


20:13 Ticket #846 (lots of javascript errors when using Web Developer debugging tools) created by guest
When I'm developing I like to have the Web Developer's extension check for …


08:16 Ticket #845 (Popupdivs don't show if the editor is inside a div with a z-index) created by hphaavikko@…
If the editor is placed inside div-tags with style containing z-index, …


14:08 Changeset [563] by wymsy
ticket #318: make IE calculate correct height of popups in standards mode
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