11:17 Ticket #842 (Patch to fix IE browser back button) created by mharrisonline
Currently in IE the back button is nearly useless after Xinha loads. …


19:14 Ticket #841 (Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha - error on line 40) created by guest
I've been able to reproduce a bug in the Spell Checker that happens if you …
16:06 Ticket #840 (Linker plugin mystery) created by mokhet
In the file dialog.html we can find a lot of stuff like this …
15:19 Ticket #839 (Impossible to remove link from linker plugin when original selection is ...) created by mokhet
The button "remove link" in linker plugin is not removing links if the …


17:15 Ticket #628 (new plugin SaveSubmit) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [562]
17:14 Ticket #838 (HTMLArea._postback data as string) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [562]
17:14 Changeset [562] by ray
*htmlarea.js: HTMLArea._postback allow data to be string Ticket #838 *AJAX …
17:13 Ticket #838 (HTMLArea._postback data as string) created by ray
Adding the possibility to pass data to HTMLArea._postback not only as …
13:18 Changeset [561] by kimss
- forgot a comma
10:04 Ticket #804 (PHP popups) closed by guest
invalid: Oh, I think I just missed the possibility to specify absolute URLs.


15:57 Ticket #835 (Pass editor to custom filters) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [560]
15:57 Ticket #836 (Additional incarnations of fancy quotes) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [560]
15:56 Ticket #837 (Sort plugins in extended example) closed by ray
fixed: Changeset [560]
15:55 Changeset [560] by ray
* Ticket #835 Pass editor to custom filters * Ticket #836 Additional …
15:53 Ticket #837 (Sort plugins in extended example) created by ray
The automatic list of installed plugins in examples/ext_example_menu.php …
15:46 Ticket #836 (Additional incarnations of fancy quotes) created by ray
There are some more characters that are inserted by Word (German quotes …
15:42 Ticket #835 (Pass editor to custom filters) created by ray
Currently custom filter functions only get the html as string, so only …


16:53 Ticket #664 (Context menu shows cut/copy/paste in gecko) closed by ray
fixed: Nobody objects, I submit
16:52 Changeset [559] by ray
Ticket #664
16:51 Ticket #622 (new plugin InsertSnippet) closed by ray
16:47 Ticket #661 (ImageManager detail view does not show folders ) closed by ray
fixed: dupe and "fixed" in EFM
14:46 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance edited by mokhet
14:45 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by mokhet
14:37 WikiStart edited by mokhet
13:45 Changeset [558] by mokhet
* add prototype.removeEvent and prototype.notifierRemove * apply color …
13:04 WikiStart edited by mokhet
12:54 Ticket #834 (The about popup should display the official Xinha logo) closed by ray
fixed: commited in changeset [556]
12:52 Changeset [557] by ray
showing the logo
12:50 Changeset [556] by ray
The official logo
12:46 Ticket #834 (The about popup should display the official Xinha logo) created by ray
I will commit this now
00:21 Ticket #833 (Better way to handle relative/absolute linking than stripBaseUrl (Please ...) created by itaylor@…
I have extended Xinha with some custom buttons to run custom image and …


03:28 Changeset [555] by mokhet
fix missing configuration editor.config.colorPicker.CellSize? and misused …


18:15 Changeset [554] by mokhet
apply IE fix which was loosing selection when providing back the color …


20:15 Ticket #832 (Nested tables mess up context menu) created by guest
When using nested tables in your website, right-clicking into a cell will …
19:44 Ticket #85 (feature request - color choosers roll out in div (not popup a new window)) reopened by wymsy
There is a problem with this color picker in IE. Go to the examples page …
19:18 Ticket #364 (Full Page Plugin: Color selection) closed by wymsy
fixed: I think ticket #85 is the more appropriate place for this discussion now. …
15:50 Ticket #367 (Problems using Xinha with Tabs) closed by massimo.azzolini@…
fixed: Thanks! it works. good workaround I added a …
10:47 Ticket #831 (Anchors are eaten by function checkEmpty) created by guest
The following line in function checkEmpty(el) eats anchors on a page …


20:56 Ticket #694 (noclean HTML) closed by wymsy
invalid: No.
20:24 Ticket #820 (Secure/insecure warning in popups) closed by wymsy
fixed: Applied in changeset:553.
20:23 Changeset [553] by wymsy
Apply patch from ticket:820; eliminates secure/insecure warning from IE in …
19:13 Ticket #639 (Can't see toolbar icons in your online example of Xinha) closed by wymsy
invalid: Can't reproduce, closing.


20:13 Ticket #364 (Full Page Plugin: Color selection) reopened by wymsy
This fix for the display problem doesn't really fix it in the general …
12:49 Ticket #830 (Linker resizes editor in IE in some cases) created by guest
Problem happens, when the editor <textarea> is <div>ed couple of times, …


16:13 Ticket #364 (Full Page Plugin: Color selection) closed by mokhet
fixed: plugin is fixed and generic toolbar is now opening the colorpicker …
16:10 Ticket #824 (Tableoperations - The 'Create table' dialogbox is missing the OK button.) closed by mokhet
fixed: fixed in changeset:552
16:09 Changeset [552] by mokhet
fix width and height of insert_table.html popup. ticket #824
00:36 Changeset [551] by mokhet
* introduce HTMLArea.prototype.addEvent() which automatically add an avent …
00:27 Ticket #829 (deprecated functions should be moved to deprecated.js) created by mokhet
Some functions are unused and should be tracked down. But we are reluctant …


21:52 Ticket #85 (feature request - color choosers roll out in div (not popup a new window)) closed by mokhet
fixed: applied patch in changeset:550 with 2 minors updates "var colorPicker = …
21:49 Changeset [550] by mokhet
change ugly popup color selectors to nice colorPicker widget. see ticket …
21:20 Ticket #415 (Notification of web server requirement) closed by mokhet
fixed: patch applied in changeset:549 Closing this ticket now.
21:19 Changeset [549] by mokhet
warn the user when run locally. see ticket #415
06:14 Ticket #810 (Firefox freeze when i want Winha to load in more than one textarea) closed by gogo
fixed: Aggreed, closing it. Reopen if it's a problem
02:39 Ticket #688 (html corruption with <p> tags) closed by mokhet
fixed: I confirm the "problem" with changeset:377 but i can't reproduce it in …


13:23 Ticket #828 (subversion specific files and folders in repository) created by michael.hosse@…
With the last subversion checkout i got a lot of folders and files not …
13:23 Changeset [548] by mokhet
freeLater() is now able to use an array of properties free more precisely …
11:24 Changeset [547] by mokhet
fix missing 'px' in prototype.sizeEditor() when config.sizeIncludesPanels …


04:31 Changeset [546] by mokhet
add a config variable (config.onDisposeRemoveUI - default false) to choose …


22:21 Changeset [545] by mokhet
fix the action destination use the methods _onGenerate() and _onDispose()
13:56 Ticket #825 (Slow unloading / Repainting Issue) closed by mokhet
fixed: Applied patch to trunk in changeset:544 , and so i'm closing this ticket …
13:54 Changeset [544] by mokhet
apply patch from ticket #825 fix slow unloading / repainting
13:29 Ticket #827 (impossible to reactivate a deactivated editor) created by mokhet
Take the full_example …
13:20 Ticket #431 (Xinha fails to start under Deer Park Alpha 2) closed by mokhet
fixed: see ticket #643 which is kinda a duplicated ticket.
13:08 Ticket #643 (WYSIWYG edittor is not working under new Mozialla Firefox) closed by mokhet
fixed: The correction is already in trunk and the bug is fixed since a long time …
11:50 Changeset [543] by mokhet
fix "event remove" issue where a wrong listener could be removed. ticket …


18:14 Changeset [542] by mokhet
adding demo generating / degenerating editors. Still a lot of leaks i …
18:11 Changeset [541] by mokhet
update from the original HTMLArea._stopEvent to HTMLArea.Events.stop
18:10 Changeset [540] by mokhet
commented references to HTMLArea.freeLater, and comment the content of …
15:41 Changeset [539] by mokhet
apply patch with proper variable name from ticket #658
14:30 Changeset [538] by mokhet
branching from changeset 537 to test new event framework.


23:17 Ticket #826 (When editing a html created by excel firefox and IE messes up the html ...) closed by mokhet
invalid: Is this a joke ? Seriously, you can't expect anyone beside internet …
17:51 Ticket #367 (Problems using Xinha with Tabs) reopened by massimo.azzolini@…
I still have this problem with divs which simulate tabs. see: …
17:17 Ticket #826 (When editing a html created by excel firefox and IE messes up the html ...) created by Juergen
When editing the attached html file created by saving the attached excel …
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