23:57 Ticket #566 (Does not honor 'cols' or 'rows' on textarea in MSIE) closed by gogo
fixed: Hmmm, curious. I don't see anything harmful in the patch, it's not going …
23:57 Changeset [398] by gogo
Apply #566
23:48 Ticket #567 (Mozilla Form-related ticket expired) closed by gogo
invalid: I reopened that on Comment #4 From James Sleeman 2005-10-13 19:03 …
23:46 Ticket #564 (xinha-nightly.zip is not updated?) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed
16:56 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance edited by mokhet
add default css question (diff)
08:14 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed


19:25 Ticket #567 (Mozilla Form-related ticket expired) created by ianb@…
This Mozilla/Firefox? bug has been marked expired: …
11:47 Ticket #566 (Does not honor 'cols' or 'rows' on textarea in MSIE) created by snowhare@…
The window is forced to the minimum possible height and width regardless …
08:56 Ticket #565 (Plugins Polish translation) created by koto
Attaching Polish translations for plugins: ContentMenu? (fixed), …
08:25 Ticket #564 (xinha-nightly.zip is not updated?) created by koto
I recently updated my Xinha installation using zip file provided on the …
04:38 Ticket #423 (prototype.popupURL) closed by gogo
wontfix: Why would you want to use popupURL to do this, ever?
04:36 Ticket #440 (getParentElement returns wrong parent in IE) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied changeset:397
04:36 Changeset [397] by gogo
Apply #440
04:29 Ticket #478 (Xinha moves text area...) closed by gogo
wontfix: WONTFIX sorry, we have to move the textarea into the editing framework via …
04:22 Ticket #403 (Patch for prototype.js library compatibility) closed by gogo
04:21 Changeset [396] by gogo
Apply #403
04:06 Ticket #499 (Event flushing sometimes is breaking) closed by gogo
fixed: See #495 and changeset:395
04:06 Ticket #495 (JavaScript error, when closing dialogs in Explorer) closed by gogo
fixed: I think your solution of simply catching and ignoring is fine in this …
04:05 Changeset [395] by gogo
Apply #495
04:02 WikiStart edited by mokhet
04:01 WikiStartFrance created by mokhet
03:53 Ticket #501 (Patch for HtmlTidy plugin to use PECL) closed by gogo
fixed: Great patch Wil :) Applied in changeset:394
03:53 Changeset [394] by gogo
Apply #501
03:47 Ticket #521 (Firefox bug: link color of stylesheet is lost when clicking in editor) closed by gogo
wontfix: This is gecko behaviour, can't and WONTFIX.
03:44 Ticket #523 (strike / del isn't replaced correctly in inwardHtml ) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed - changeset:393
03:44 Changeset [393] by gogo
Fix for #523
03:39 Ticket #525 (CSS background not applied to whole iframe) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:392
03:39 Changeset [392] by gogo
Apply #525
03:33 Documentation/OldNewbieGuideFrance edited by mokhet
apply change 19 and 20 of english version (from #561 and #382) (diff)
03:27 Ticket #541 (problem with a html tag) closed by gogo
wontfix: I believe it's gecko adding it in, not us. Easiest solution if it worries …
03:25 Ticket #542 (tidy not working) closed by gogo
invalid: Do you html tidy installed and in your executable search path? Willing to …
02:25 Ticket #547 (this._doc.body has no properties in onGenerate() when using ...) closed by gogo
fixed: This should be fixed in the core now, changeset:391
02:24 Changeset [391] by gogo
Add fix for #547
02:05 Ticket #548 (Patch for TableOperations - clear vertical/horizontal align from cell) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:390
02:05 Changeset [390] by gogo
Apply #548
01:49 Ticket #553 (getting xinha to load like htmlarea) closed by gogo
invalid: Not a bug, take it to the forum please.
01:44 Ticket #560 (insertHTML bug (IE)) closed by gogo
fixed: Thanks, committed in changeset:389
01:44 Changeset [389] by gogo
Commit #560
01:40 Ticket #562 (SpellChecker Javascript Error) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:388
01:39 Changeset [388] by gogo
Apply #562 Apply some security patches sent in privately by Yermo
01:21 Ticket #439 (Full Screen View) closed by gogo
wontfix: If your page includes elements positioned absolutely with a z-Index higher …
01:13 Ticket #428 (JavaScript syntax highlighting in Wiki and Tickets) closed by gogo
wontfix: Indeed the way our anonymous friend posts will do it. And we don't have …
01:10 Ticket #561 (The newbie guide is confusing on one simple point) closed by gogo
fixed: Done
01:10 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by gogo
01:07 Ticket #563 (Browser Requirements of Xinha) closed by gogo
invalid: Your forum post looks correct. FYI we are typically only interested in …
00:53 Ticket #500 (How can supports upload flash ?) closed by gogo
duplicate: There are other requests for flash uploading.
00:21 Ticket #494 (javascript error) closed by gogo
invalid: No response, presuming invalid
00:17 Ticket #424 (Submit to Publish) closed by gogo
invalid: Nothing wrong with your code as posted, presuming you have a function …
00:12 Ticket #419 (help with PHP, mysql and Xinha with dreamweaver) closed by gogo
invalid: -> Forum thanks.
00:09 Ticket #382 (A small change to the newbie guide) closed by gogo
fixed: Newbie buyide step 2 has been modified to show how to load no plugins. …
00:09 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by gogo
00:00 Ticket #330 (GetHTML exception) closed by gogo
invalid: Insufficient info, should have been posted at forum.


23:55 Ticket #519 (Xinha breaks META HTTP-EQUIV REFRESH tag in Firefox) closed by gogo
invalid: Can only be a bug in Firefox, loading Xinha on one page/site should have …
23:53 Ticket #488 (Remove "A Response to InteractiveTools.com" from front page) closed by gogo
fixed: gone
23:52 WikiStart edited by gogo
06:58 Changeset [387] by gocher
Ticket #434 FullPage? plugin AND/OR fullpage=true (in the core) disables …


20:49 Ticket #563 (Browser Requirements of Xinha) created by jkronika@…
I've posted a question on the Forum at …


15:45 Ticket #562 (SpellChecker Javascript Error) created by foxpaw@…
When using the SpellChecker? from the nightly (cgi version, not php …
15:36 Changeset [386] by mokhet
incorrect translation from deutch version


10:51 Ticket #561 (The newbie guide is confusing on one simple point) created by anonymous
From the guide: If you are using a different directory, make sure you …
08:25 Ticket #560 (insertHTML bug (IE)) created by sakurachan@…
If the editor is not focused when a plugin is invoked (e.g. insert a …


12:38 Ticket #268 (spam) closed by mokhet


09:49 Ticket #555 (delete dropdown) closed by niko
invalid: or you follow the NewbieGuide? and modify the toolbar through the …
08:27 Ticket #559 (Customization) created by guillaumed
To allow a more flexible customization for this plugin what do you think …
07:57 Ticket #558 (translation competude) created by guillaumed
Seems that links and image title are not translated. This can be fixed …


10:43 Ticket #557 (Insert Image and Insert Web Link do not work with IE) created by kevin.mcnamee@…
Just downloaded the latest Xinha and installed it into htmlarea in Drupal …
06:51 Ticket #556 (stripBaseHref (for relative link)) created by tzenghuei.ang@…
this doesn't seems work, however, i come up a simple replacement : …


22:54 Ticket #555 (delete dropdown) created by bloodangel
hi, can i delete the dropdownmenu for fontsize and fontclasses? the user …


23:38 Ticket #554 (how to set table borders to be initially toggled on) created by anonymous
is it possible to instantiate xinha with the activated border display? I …
14:42 Ticket #553 (getting xinha to load like htmlarea) created by spam@…
Hi there, I am needing to ask is there a way to get xinha to load like …


19:00 Ticket #552 (ImageManager dynamic configuration and magic quotes) created by niko
if magic-quotes are enabled for php the dynamic backend-config for the …


06:52 Ticket #287 (Making Xinha leave HTML for Flash and scripting intact (object, script, ...) closed by mharrisonline
fixed: This code is no longer needed, thanks to the GetHtml? plugin. : )


19:12 Ticket #551 (<area> params are stripped from HTML source) created by kevin@…
My HTML source has code similar to the following: […] When the …
11:58 Ticket #550 (Xinha doesn't work anymore in firefox 1.5) created by marcel@…
The deeppark version of firefox has somehow broken the xinha htmlarea. …
06:04 Changeset [385] by gocher
ext_example some changes for IE to test Ticket #549


23:22 Ticket #549 (form cannot be sent in IE, but in Firefox) created by anonymous
Hallo, when the texts inserted into the editor becomes to complex, the …
14:28 Changeset [384] by wymsy
Added support for document fragments in Gecko Added support for …
12:09 Ticket #548 (Patch for TableOperations - clear vertical/horizontal align from cell) created by koto
Attached patch adds a new option in Cell properties dialog vertical / …


21:02 Ticket #537 (Previous edits missing upon re-edit) closed by anonymous
duplicate: duplicates #270
17:17 Ticket #547 (this._doc.body has no properties in onGenerate() when using ...) created by anonymous
I was trying to use the Stylist plugin with loading external stylesheet …
14:50 Ticket #546 (encoding error with special characters when inserting images in FF) created by Ray
My page is encoded in iso-8895-1. Inserting an image, no matter if …
14:37 Ticket #343 (Make ImageManager backend configurable through javascript.) reopened by ray
The tranfer of the image folders does not work if some special character, …
13:07 Ticket #545 (Code suggestion for disableToolbar exceptions) created by benDOTsimkinsATintsoftDOTch
I note that the disableToolbar function has a parameter 'except', but it …
13:04 Ticket #544 (Patch to add a ID to a Image (InsertImage Popup)) created by buz
The patch adds a ID field for the default image insert.
08:21 Ticket #543 (Stylist Panel overflow broken by revision 166 (change from div to td)?) created by benDOTsimkinsATintsoftDOTch
Problem : I updated to latest revision (342), and when I load a stylesheet …
07:46 Changeset [383] by gocher
fix some lang files for ticket #385* and update few typos
05:20 Changeset [382] by gocher
Changeset 373 Add German translations for the remove inline font confirm …
05:06 Changeset [381] by gocher
Changeset 369 Translation for Tidy plugin Tidy failed. Check your HTML …
05:03 Changeset [380] by gocher
Changeset 366 German translation to Remove lang attributes


09:22 Changeset [379] by niko
removed unused popupdiv
09:12 Changeset [378] by niko
removed old test-page


17:59 Ticket #542 (tidy not working) created by anonymous
Trying the online example the tidy wasn't workingm, I tried many times and …
10:58 Changeset [377] by kimss
More fixes for #385, took care of all "... = functions..." occurencies


09:23 Changeset [376] by mokhet
more fixes for #385
08:20 Changeset [375] by mokhet
add some missing fr.js, fix some fr.js for ticket #385 and update few …


18:51 Ticket #541 (problem with a html tag) created by gp_merlin@…
what can i do? (i use firefox) when i post a text then set the xinha a …
15:24 Changeset [374] by kimss
Added some more missing language strings
15:13 Ticket #540 (Exceptions in Firefox, look at changeset [372]) created by Kim Steinhaug
[…] This line fires alot of exceptions in Firefox when the editor is …
15:09 Changeset [373] by kimss
Added translation for the remove inline font confirm boxes, and updated NO …
15:08 Changeset [372] by kimss
Commented away a line which made alot of exceptions in firefox, someone …
15:04 Changeset [371] by kimss
Added NO lang file
15:03 Changeset [370] by kimss
Added partially translated NO file, problem is the norwegian translation …
15:02 Changeset [369] by kimss
Added translation strings
15:01 Changeset [368] by kimss
Complete translation
14:49 Ticket #539 (Problems with full example and launching all plugins) closed by Kim Steinhaug
invalid: Aparently I must be drung here, the URL had switched to file:/// without …
12:49 Ticket #539 (Problems with full example and launching all plugins) created by Kim Steinhaug
When trying to run the full example with all plugins activated in Firefox …
12:39 Changeset [367] by kimss
Added norwegian language
12:37 Changeset [366] by kimss
A lowecase word resulted in the header not being translated, altered all …
08:27 Changeset [365] by niko
partly undone changeset:360 as wordCleaning doesn't work in html-mode :(
08:15 Documentation/Plugins/SuperClean edited by niko
08:15 Ticket #536 (wordclean: remove lang-attribute and class="c1") closed by niko
fixed: ...wordclean does always clean the whole html... so i think its not a good …
08:14 Changeset [364] by niko
added removal of lang-attributes (see #536)
08:09 Ticket #538 (improved SuperClean (more settings, custom filters)) closed by niko
fixed: changeset:363
08:08 Changeset [363] by niko
#538 improved SuperClean? (more settings, custom filters)
08:08 Documentation/Plugins/SuperClean edited by niko
added information for #538 (diff)
08:07 Ticket #538 (improved SuperClean (more settings, custom filters)) created by niko
in short: i combined the Filter-plugin and the SuperClean? plugin. * new …
07:01 Ticket #520 (Including RemoveParagraphs plugin) closed by gocher
05:40 Changeset [362] by niko
remove not only face="Arial", face=Arial works now too (as this is used by …
05:39 Changeset [361] by niko
default all operations checked


21:47 Ticket #537 (Previous edits missing upon re-edit) created by whikwhacker
This may be related to http://xinha.python-hosting.com/ticket/519, I'm not …
15:48 Ticket #536 (wordclean: remove lang-attribute and class="c1") created by niko
When i paste from word i get this html-code: […] and the …
15:40 Changeset [360] by niko
show wordclean and clearfonts-button in html-mode
15:23 Ticket #535 (New folder does not work in ImageManager) created by ray
You can't create a new folder in the ImageManager?, because the required …
13:44 Ticket #534 (Xinha plug-in) closed by niko
invalid: you most probably have allready all plugins installed (as they are …
12:52 Ticket #534 (Xinha plug-in) created by fabrizio.iacopini@…
Hi to all. I'm new to Xinha world . I have installed successfully …
09:39 Ticket #533 (Treatment of nested lists isnt conforming to XHTML spec) created by buz
Xinha seems to generate code like […] which isn't allowed in XHTML. …
09:03 Changeset [359] by gocher
New plugin Filter to implement a filter on a easy way! Included are two …
02:43 Ticket #532 (Panel heading float) created by ray
I think .panel h1 in htmlarea.css should have clear:left
00:03 Ticket #531 (Special character encoding error in Linker/IE) created by ray
In IE in the linker plugin when you select a link from the tree which …


20:08 Changeset [358] by wymsy
fixed bug - codebase attrib in flash object was being corrupted
15:12 Changeset [357] by gocher
Ticket #253 improved getHTML Here is an updated example menu with this …
14:53 Changeset [356] by wymsy
changeset 355 changed line breaks…
14:37 Changeset [355] by wymsy
fix bug in call to stripBaseUrl
13:51 Changeset [354] by gocher
catching the error witch appears if there is a folder js in a folder of a …
13:06 Changeset [353] by gocher
javascript error handler for ext_example, and two little mistakes
12:58 Ticket #530 (cursor disappear) created by Joey
When i insert new row or new column, cursor will disappear
11:01 Changeset [352] by gocher
Insert popup Help with keyboard shortcuts (and translation to German)
10:14 Changeset [351] by kimss
NO translation for HorizontalRule? in UTF-8 format.
08:44 Changeset [350] by gocher
add translation to HorizontalRule?, and some DE lang files now have more …
08:31 Changeset [349] by gocher
Add missing ;, DE files now have consistent markup
08:20 Changeset [348] by gocher
Make plugin HorizontalRule? Skinable, replace image functions for buttons …


21:34 Changeset [347] by wymsy
New plugin: HorizontalRule?. see ticket #3
20:53 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml edited by wymsy
20:52 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml edited by wymsy
20:51 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml edited by wymsy
20:50 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml edited by wymsy
20:34 Documentation/Plugins edited by wymsy
20:32 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml edited by wymsy
20:31 Documentation/Plugins/GetHtml created by wymsy
19:58 Changeset [346] by kimss
All NO files now have consistent markup, and all files are correctly …
19:50 Changeset [345] by wymsy
New plugin: GetHtml?. A replacement for the getHTML()function in …
18:56 Changeset [344] by kimss
additional fixes for ticket #385*. Add a lot of missing ; on many of the …
18:34 Changeset [343] by kimss
Minor language fix
14:44 Ticket #529 (Needle haystack cluttering code) created by bsimkinsATintsoftDOTch
1) A comment somewhere to explain what this stuff is would be nice 2) I …
12:38 Ticket #524 (Is Macros In Xinha feasible) closed by niko
invalid: so i think we can close this.…
12:34 Ticket #527 (Find and Replace Plugin Not working ) closed by niko


16:37 Ticket #528 (toolbar buttons are no longer updated after setHTML is used in full page ...) created by jschipf@…
When the editor is configured to run in full page mode, and setHTML is …
13:27 Ticket #527 (Find and Replace Plugin Not working ) created by Subha
Hi, I plugged in Find Replace code to my Xinha editor just like I did for …
12:02 Ticket #523 (strike / del isn't replaced correctly in inwardHtml ) reopened by xinha.20.artus83@…
I was wrong, with the reason it is done. IE creates <strike> tags to. …
11:05 Ticket #526 (HtmlTidy does not find the tidy bin) closed by Michael Hosse <michael.hosse@…>
11:01 Ticket #526 (HtmlTidy does not find the tidy bin) created by Michael Hosse <michael.hosse@…>
With some environments HtmlTidy? is not able to find the tidy binary. I …
10:52 Ticket #525 (CSS background not applied to whole iframe) created by Michael Hosse <michael.hosse@…>
If you have a page with some form elements and a xinha, you can not switch …
07:25 Ticket #523 (strike / del isn't replaced correctly in inwardHtml ) closed by niko
fixed: commited in changeset:342
07:25 Changeset [342] by niko
#523 replace del by strike, not the other way around
05:19 Ticket #524 (Is Macros In Xinha feasible) created by Subha
Hi, I am using Xinha as a mail editor. As part of a new requirement, I …


10:30 Ticket #523 (strike / del isn't replaced correctly in inwardHtml ) created by xinha.20.artus83@…
In both functions inwardHTML and outwardHTML <strike> is …


20:27 Changeset [341] by mokhet
fix for ticket #385. Add a lot of missing ; on many of the functions


10:38 Ticket #522 (config.height has different behavior in IE and Firefox) created by anonymous
Fireforx renders the editor area with the specified height while IE …
10:22 Ticket #521 (Firefox bug: link color of stylesheet is lost when clicking in editor) created by anonymous
Modify full_example-body.html as follows to reproduce the problem:
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.