14:45 Ticket #329 (Possible spurious tickets) reopened by gogo
Reopening pending #335
14:39 Ticket #335 (toolbars do not flow correctly) created by gogo
The toolbars do not "flow" correctly after changes made by gocher. The …
13:10 Changeset [231] by gocher
with Changeset 230: Changeset 221, 225 and 229 get removed fix for that
10:45 Ticket #334 (possibility to Display Toolbars only in Fullscreen Mode) created by Stuart_T
I would like to be able to have all the toolbars hidden (except …
02:39 Changeset [230] by gogo
Remove and reapply changes that gocher made in changeset:217 to provide …
02:00 Ticket #329 (Possible spurious tickets) closed by gogo
invalid: Ok, since you have fixed #323 then as long as it doesn't create any …
01:07 Ticket #323 (flowToolbars=false wraps everything) closed by gocher
01:03 Changeset [229] by gocher
easy fix for Ticket #323


09:29 Ticket #333 (display:none breaks Xinha in Firefox) closed by gogo
invalid: See bugzilla report on this. You must deactivate the editor before hiding …
09:24 Ticket #333 (display:none breaks Xinha in Firefox) created by Alex
Hello, If the Xinha editor is enclosed within a div, hiding and then …


19:40 Ticket #332 (Xinha keeps expanding with two editors on one page + fontname/fontsize + ...) created by paulb
Put two editors on one page with the either the "fontname" or "fontsize" …
18:10 Ticket #331 (umm... What are the comments about really?) created by Kim Steinhaug
I noticed while doing some updating the file /plugins/Stylist/stylist.js …
10:33 Ticket #330 (GetHTML exception) created by Gulliver
HTMLArea throw exception when I load my page. GetHTML line : 4597 I …
07:50 Ticket #329 (Possible spurious tickets) created by gogo
See #323, changes that will be reversed if there is no good reason for …
05:45 Changeset [228] by gocher
insert template plugin into full_example-menu.html


16:50 Ticket #328 (xinha iframe causes IE dialog "do you want to display nonsecure items?") created by joe-xinha@…
I am using IE6 and Xinha nightly from 06/08/05 on a https: site. When …
16:35 Ticket #327 (hitting enter in firefox causes double spacing) created by anonymous
This is the old problem we had with IE not working correctly with …
14:20 Documentation/Plugins/Template created by gocher
14:15 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
14:02 Changeset [227] by gocher
Template plugin to be continued in the next days but it's a start!
12:06 Ticket #325 (Empty paragraphs (<p /> ) not shown in wysiwyg (IE)) closed by niko
fixed: commited this patch in changeset:226 to fix the bug for now, will be …
12:05 Changeset [226] by niko
#325 don't remove <p /> in IE, will be replaced by #253 hopefully but for …


05:34 Changeset [225] by gocher
toolbar changes put lable, select, textindicator in a div, to have the …


14:57 Ticket #326 (make it possible to choose from different icon sets) created by riftdesign
The icons I submitted on the forum could be used in the distrobution if …
14:38 Changeset [224] by gocher
Ticket #323 flowToolbars=false IE wrap at new line Mozilla wraps at end …
09:10 Ticket #325 (Empty paragraphs (<p /> ) not shown in wysiwyg (IE)) created by niko
insert a empty paragraph, switch into html-view and back and the empty …
06:43 Ticket #324 (dissapearing <br />) closed by niko
fixed: fixed in changeset:223 (view forum-thread for details)
06:43 Changeset [223] by niko
#324 i don't know what these two lines where good for, but removing them …
06:42 Ticket #324 (dissapearing <br />) created by niko
see http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=1761 if we have code …


16:13 Ticket #323 (flowToolbars=false wraps everything) created by ianb@…
In r222, when flowToolbars=false, it wraps on any toolbar item (with …
14:12 Ticket #322 (Create plugin to set width of iframe smaller than available config.width) created by wymsy
In previous versions of htmlarea/xinha, the width configuration parameter …
09:40 Changeset [222] by gocher
sorry this part I deleted in changeset 217 is used by context menu
08:56 Changeset [221] by gocher
changes to toolbar outfit
06:10 Changeset [220] by gocher
UTF 8 mistake in lang file from InsertSmiley?
06:04 Ticket #20 (Anchor Tool is missing) closed by gocher


23:34 Ticket #114 (Secure Pages) reopened by anonymous
This problem seems to have returned.
20:18 Changeset [219] by gocher
little mistake


13:35 Changeset [218] by gocher
change encoding type to UTF-8
12:56 Changeset [217] by gocher
change all td/table elements to div elements in toolbar change the …
09:43 Ticket #321 (FullScreen : select elements show through in IE6) created by anonymous
With IE, there is a pb when i'm in fullscreen mode. The select button …
07:45 Ticket #286 (remove the if(document.designMode) created for Popup-Window-Links) closed by niko
fixed: commited in changeset:216 (2nd solution)
07:44 Changeset [216] by niko
#286 don't open popups in design-mode and remove that …
06:21 Ticket #297 (baseURL <-> baseHref) closed by niko
fixed: commited it (the first patch) in changeset:251 please report if this …
06:21 Changeset [215] by niko
remove baseURL and use baseHref instead see #297 i hope this doesn't …
05:40 Ticket #320 (Cross Browser Consistant ENTER key) closed by niko
invalid: xinha uses the EnterParagraph? plugin by default that does exactly that. …
04:22 Ticket #320 (Cross Browser Consistant ENTER key) created by blaine@…
Hey, this might have already been addressed for Xinha, but i am still …


13:07 Ticket #319 (ContextMenu doesn't work in FullScreen's mode with mozilla firefox) created by PoeuffF
ContextMenu? doesn't work in FullScreen?'s mode with mozilla firefox, and …
12:36 Ticket #313 (Large number of "... unexpected or duplicate quote mark" warnings in font ...) closed by mokhet
fixed: fixed in changeset [214] select_color.html is now valid HTML4.01 …
12:32 Changeset [214] by mokhet
ticket #313 - select_color.html is now valid HTML4.01 transitional …
12:22 Ticket #318 (IE 6 popup size is correct only in quirks mode or with a HTML 3.2 DTD) created by mokhet
The popups - link.html, insert_table.html, insert_image.html, …
10:32 Ticket #309 (width of format selectbox in toolbar keep growing at every new element ...) closed by gocher
fixed: it's the height: 18px;
10:20 Changeset [213] by gocher
Ticket #309 width of format selectbox in toolbar keep growing at every new …
09:26 Documentation/Plugins/QuickTag created by gocher
09:18 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
09:14 Changeset [212] by gocher
new plugin QuickTag? Ticket #305 modified that it works with Xinha!! …
07:27 Changeset [211] by gocher
full_example submit button to check ta
02:59 Ticket #317 (HTML Tidy removes all content in IE in example) created by anonymous
In the example, in IE (the browser where stylist takes up have the …


17:56 Documentation/Plugins/InsertMarquee created by gocher
17:54 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
14:11 Changeset [210] by gocher
new plugin insert InsertMarquee?
12:28 Ticket #312 (failure of tag editor / EditTag plugin) closed by gocher
fixed: fixed in changeset 209
12:27 Changeset [209] by gocher
Ticket #312 failure of tag editor / EditTag? plugin Error: event is not …
08:18 Changeset [208] by gocher
for mozilla alternate stylesheets and for IE the first one
07:47 Changeset [207] by gocher
change examples/full_example-body.html to select Page Style in Mozilla …
00:30 Ticket #316 (Integrate Xinha into a themeable system) created by white@…
Right now I use Xinha in a web architecture I'm creating that is already …


23:59 Ticket #315 (Context menu doesn't display correctly in IE) created by white@…
When I right click to get a context menu in IE, the context menu pops up, …
22:58 Ticket #314 (status bar should wrap in firefox) created by white@…
If the status bar is displaying a long line of information (for example, …
22:01 Ticket #313 (Large number of "... unexpected or duplicate quote mark" warnings in font ...) created by m.bryson@…
I've been running some of the ff debugging tools and noticed 1500+ …
21:05 Ticket #312 (failure of tag editor / EditTag plugin) created by m.bryson@…
Error: event is not defined Source File: …
14:54 Changeset [206] by mokhet
add skin inditreuse licence informations
14:51 Ticket #311 (My Sub for a logo...) created by mjolic@…
;-) http://www.foxcms.de/gfx/Xinha-Logo-2.jpg What do you think?
14:49 Ticket #302 (ImageManager is not translated in french) closed by mokhet
fixed: fixed in changeset [205] 5 texts are still not translated, see ticket …
14:46 Ticket #310 (incomplete translation (TD text and ALT/TITLE of images)) created by mokhet
some texts are not translated even when the correct words are present in …
14:45 Changeset [205] by mokhet
ticket #302 (ImageManager? french translation) fix typo in editor.php (flip …
13:03 Ticket #309 (width of format selectbox in toolbar keep growing at every new element ...) created by mokhet
* bug not present in changeset [194] * bug appears in changeset [195] * …
03:07 Ticket #306 (toolbar element) closed by gogo
invalid: You probably have flowToolbars on, quoting from the config... […]


16:38 Ticket #308 (toolbar buttons not properly displayed on mozilla 1.4) created by anonymous
I deployed xinha nightly from 20050521 and tried on various browsers. in …
14:54 Changeset [204] by niko
removed popupeditor from btnlist as the FullScreen?-plugin replaces the …
14:50 Ticket #291 (recomposition of english sentence doesnt necessarily acurate to ...) closed by niko
fixed: added in changeset:203 (as 3rd argument) please use this feature now :D
14:49 Changeset [203] by niko
#291: 3rd argument for _lc function, replaces $variables in string added …
10:42 Ticket #307 (Stylist take half of the textarea in IE but get normal width with Firefox) created by laurent.hohl@…
Using IE when the stylesheet loads the styles the witdh of the panel in …
09:00 Ticket #306 (toolbar element) created by PoeuffF
I've installed the last version of xhina and i think that the function …


05:50 Ticket #305 (More legacy plugins that aren't in Xinha yet) created by mharrisonline
These are are legacy HTMLArea3 plugins that, as far as I know, never made …
03:35 Ticket #304 (skin partially loaded if skin.css loaded before htmlarea.js) created by mokhet
If the file skin.css (skin style) is loaded before htmlarea.js, it is …


12:58 Changeset [202] by gocher
Ticket #292 change Frensh to French
08:10 Ticket #303 (Could the ContextMenu plugin have a Properties inspector like the Forms ...) created by anonymous
The properties inspector that the forms plugin displays above the status …
04:26 Ticket #302 (ImageManager is not translated in french) created by mokhet
Someone just make me notice the ImageManager? is not translated in french …
04:04 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by mokhet
04:04 Documentation/OldNewbieGuideFrance created by mokhet
02:53 Ticket #301 (New Skins) closed by mokhet
fixed: changeset [201] what should be done with the creative commons licence …
02:48 Changeset [201] by mokhet
fix for #301
01:55 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance edited by mokhet


07:05 Ticket #256 (Forms plugin) closed by guillaumed
invalid: I like to close ticket so easily :-) My remark was not on the …
06:50 Changeset [200] by gocher
plugin Forms textarea gets new attributes: wrap, readonly disabled, …


21:10 Ticket #301 (New Skins) created by completesite
The skins that I submitted on the forum can be used in the distro if you …
15:30 Ticket #300 (creation of span-tags for selected text when selecting a style does not ...) created by Michael Hosse <michael.hosse@…>
If you are using IE you can select some text and assign a style to this …
08:44 Ticket #299 (Pb with FullScreen) created by PoeuffF
I've two problems with the FullScreen?'s plugin. # with IE the ContextMenu?


20:28 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
16:16 Ticket #298 (Undo and Redo are completely broken in full page mode) created by anonymous
Nothing happens when pressing undo if fullpage is used.
09:14 Changeset [199] by gocher
plugin form: changes Form dialog, add Encoding and Target Frame
08:31 Documentation/Plugins/Linker edited by niko
added info about anchors (diff)
08:30 Ticket #242 (Could linker show anchors on the page) closed by niko
fixed: added in changeset:198 a third option is added after E-Mail when any …
08:28 Changeset [198] by niko
#242: show anchors on the page
07:14 Ticket #297 (baseURL <-> baseHref) created by niko
there is currenlty the setting baseURL AND baseHref i think we can remove …


22:06 Documentation/Plugins/FormOperations edited by gogo
22:05 Documentation/Plugins/FormOperations edited by gogo
22:03 Documentation/Plugins edited by gogo
22:00 Documentation/Plugins/FormOperations created by gogo
21:52 Changeset [197] by gogo
FormOperations? plugin initial checkin.
21:39 Changeset [196] by gogo
Initial checkin of panel-dialog, an interface built on inline-dialog for …
21:35 Changeset [195] by gogo
Further for #279
21:32 Ticket #279 (mistake in Flowable Toolbar) closed by gogo
21:32 Changeset [194] by gogo
Fix for #279
21:30 Ticket #6 (Fix the problem with losing value attribute.) closed by gogo
fixed: changeset:193
21:30 Changeset [193] by gogo
Various small fixes and refactoring. A couple of new utility functions …
16:10 Ticket #296 (multiple Textareas break function) created by anonymous
I use Xinha for my cms-System. If i open a Website - in Xinha - who …
14:30 Ticket #295 (Investigate Link Issues (relative<->absolute conversions, stripBase)) created by niko
do we really need fixRelatvieLinks here? […]
10:34 Changeset [192] by gocher
Add closing tags textarea, form, select in htmlarea.js Forms: A select …
09:57 Ticket #294 (IE's "Operation aborted" on html pages with BASE address defined) created by houdik@…
Hello, Xinha fails to work with Internet Explorer (various versions) in …
09:56 Documentation/Plugins/Forms edited by gocher
09:55 Documentation/Plugins/Forms created by gocher
09:50 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
09:49 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
09:46 Changeset [191] by gocher
new plugin forms


15:12 Changeset [190] by gogo
Copy EP from unified_backend @ revision 172 Commented yermo's debugging
15:07 Changeset [189] by gogo
Prepare to move yermo's EP in place.
09:23 Ticket #292 (LangMarks plugin using weird lc() text) closed by gocher
fixed: Sorry !!! Changeset 188
09:22 Changeset [188] by gocher
Ticket #292 it should be French
05:06 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) reopened by mharrisonline
It is so easy to fix this once and for all if you do this. In the …


14:17 Ticket #293 (htmlarea_css.js syntax error) closed by gogo
invalid: That file has not existed for quite some time. Please upgrade.
09:37 Ticket #293 (htmlarea_css.js syntax error) created by blase79@…
error: syntax error file: htmlarea_css.js line: 501, row: 54 source: …


06:44 Changeset [187] by mokhet
added some missing fr.js updated some french texts to be more acurate to …
05:58 Ticket #292 (LangMarks plugin using weird lc() text) created by mokhet
the LangMarks? plugin is using the following code […] Shouldn't it be …
04:45 Ticket #291 (recomposition of english sentence doesnt necessarily acurate to ...) created by mokhet
[…] line 214 to 216 (release 186), the code suppose we are in english. …
04:21 Ticket #290 (incomplete translation in dialog box insert image and table) created by mokhet
Firefox 1.0.3 windows and Firefox 1.0.4 linux With no plugin loaded and …
02:32 Documentation/BasicUsage created by mokhet
00:39 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance edited by mokhet
00:39 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by mokhet
00:38 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance edited by mokhet
00:37 FrequentlyAskedQuestionsFrance created by mokhet
00:30 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by mokhet
link to french version (diff)


16:30 Changeset [186] by gogo
I should learn to count. More minor corrections.
16:29 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by gogo
16:26 Changeset [185] by gogo
Minor corrections.
14:37 Ticket #289 (css-plugin enhanced for div/span selection) created by chr@…
Hi xinha Team, great work! here is my first part. I had enhanced the …
13:22 Ticket #288 (Regarding Changeset [174] by niko) created by kim@…
Im reading through the last days of changes and I noticed this changeset, …
09:56 Ticket #287 (Making Xinha leave HTML for Flash and scripting intact (object, script, ...) created by mharrisonline
When HTMLArea 3 was adapted by the Jones Standard user group to be a …
07:52 Ticket #286 (remove the if(document.designMode) created for Popup-Window-Links) created by niko
it would work with this special-Replacement: […] (i have no idea why …
07:36 Changeset [184] by gocher
Apply #104 and Changeset 181
06:11 Ticket #178 (Bug when page includes another IFRAME) closed by gogo
fixed: This is fixed in changset:183
06:11 Changeset [183] by gogo
Fix for #178 dialog.js tried to set events on frames with src outside the …
05:26 Ticket #250 (Modal dialog popup - reopen ticket #124) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied (in a better location) in changeset:182
05:26 Ticket #124 (Proper 'on-top' modal dialog popup for mozilla/firefox) closed by gogo
fixed: Alternate fix applied in changeset:182
05:25 Changeset [182] by gogo
Apply #250 see also ticket:124 changeset:120 changeset:159 and ticket:257
05:10 Ticket #104 (Bug in Stylist incorrectly deals with hr styles (solution suggested)) closed by gogo
fixed: applied in changeset:181
05:10 Changeset [181] by gogo
Apply #104
05:01 Changeset [180] by gogo
Fix for fullscreen when the editor is enclosed in relative/absolute …


23:57 Ticket #285 (IE: onreadystatechange) created by ianb@…
In revision 179, htmlarea.js, I'm getting an error in IE: […] …
21:21 Ticket #274 (xinha_config.width and height without px) reopened by niko
wouldn't it be possilbe to check if width is an integer and add px then? …
19:27 Ticket #274 (xinha_config.width and height without px) closed by gogo
worksforme: Indeed, it's important with the new table-based-framework that the …
18:07 Ticket #277 (IE6 Problem With Short Height Textarea) closed by Shane
wontfix: I will work with those settings. Since HTMLarea can tell certain areas …
17:18 Ticket #278 (Maximize Editor Screen Opening in Current Window) closed by gogo
duplicate: The popup system sucks ass and is difficult to write and maintain, if …
16:59 Ticket #275 (Formats HTML source in IE) reopened by ianb@…
Would it be possible to apply this to Gecko as well, perhaps as a …
16:47 Changeset [179] by gogo
Remove overlooked debugger keyword.
15:32 Changeset [178] by gogo
Removing some stuff that isn't ready yet and shouldn't have been checked …
15:28 Changeset [177] by gogo
* Minor comment changes. * Refactor events for form submit, reset and …
15:04 Ticket #284 (Email-safe entities.) created by aschmidt@…
I added the following to the end of HTMLArea.prototype.outwardHtml to make …
14:48 Ticket #283 (Missing comma in ContextMenu/lang/de.js) closed by gocher
14:47 Changeset [176] by gocher
Ticket #283 Missing comma in ContextMenu?/lang/de.js
14:31 Changeset [175] by niko
fixes JS-Error in IE dialog.height was 100px so we need parseInt it
14:24 Changeset [174] by niko
removed 2>&1 as a file named 2>&1 was created on my system
13:07 Ticket #283 (Missing comma in ContextMenu/lang/de.js) created by Michael Hosse <michael.hosse@…>
There is a comma missing in the list of translations: "Create a link": …
12:49 Ticket #281 (ID attribute for tags) closed by gogo
invalid: Not a bug, nor a feature request, marking invalid. Aside from that, what …
08:59 Ticket #282 (ID attribute for tags) closed by niko
duplicate: #281
08:48 Ticket #282 (ID attribute for tags) created by anonymous
Hello! I am using Xinha for a CMS. I use for every tag (p, td, aso) id …
08:46 Ticket #281 (ID attribute for tags) created by anonymous
Hello! I am using Xinha for a CMS. I use for every tag (p, td, aso) id …
07:56 Ticket #280 (error on loading plugins in full_example.html) closed by gocher
07:56 Changeset [173] by gocher
prepare Ticket #280 error in Changeset 169
07:12 Ticket #280 (error on loading plugins in full_example.html) created by gocher
No plugins are loaded! In Mozilla Firefox there is only a line with all …
06:31 Ticket #279 (mistake in Flowable Toolbar) created by gocher
The toolbar will re-flow when you resize the window, but not accurate.


21:15 Changeset [172] by yermol
htmlarea.js . added workaround fix for NASTY FIREFOX BUG resulting in …
19:06 Ticket #272 (Editor crashing at backspacing at any control element) closed by gogo
fixed: fixed in changeset:171
19:06 Changeset [171] by gogo
Fix for #272 - IE throwing exception when trying to delete a control …
18:18 Ticket #275 (Formats HTML source in IE) closed by gogo
fixed: I have added source code indentation for IE in changeset:170 slightly …
18:16 Changeset [170] by gogo
Add indentation to getHTML for IE, which trashes newlines in the DOM …
17:47 Ticket #278 (Maximize Editor Screen Opening in Current Window) created by IE and Firefox Maximize Window
Before hand, HTMLArea opened a separate popup window for the Maximize …
17:41 Ticket #277 (IE6 Problem With Short Height Textarea) created by Shane Birley
I have just been testing some thing with the fixes from last night and it …
17:28 Ticket #226 (loadPlugins() _loadback() etc design flaw causing endless loops on plugin ...) reopened by gogo
Actually, only loadPlugins is fixed in changeset:169 there are some other …
17:25 Ticket #226 (loadPlugins() _loadback() etc design flaw causing endless loops on plugin ...) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:169
17:25 Changeset [169] by gogo
Fix to the plugin loading system to prevent spinlocking when a plugin …
16:15 Ticket #269 (Problem with IE and DocType: xinha cant have focus and cant edit text) closed by gogo
fixed: Fixed in changeset:168
16:14 Changeset [168] by gogo
Fixes for Standards Compliant modes in both IE and Mozilla. The fixes …
09:55 Ticket #273 (IE6: Interface Greying Out and Refuses to Let IE Users Enter Anything) closed by gogo
duplicate: Dup
08:21 Ticket #276 (Add border to <form> elements.) created by PoeuffF
I'm developping a form's plugin like fckeditor. With this plugin you can …
07:11 Ticket #93 (contents randomly disappear) closed by guillaumed
fixed: No other remarks so I think it can be considered close
07:06 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
06:57 Ticket #275 (Formats HTML source in IE) created by mharrisonline
Currently when the source is viewed in IE there is no formatting. This …
06:27 Ticket #274 (xinha_config.width and height without px) created by guenole
When we specifies this : […] It works in IE but not in Firefox (last …
03:54 Ticket #273 (IE6: Interface Greying Out and Refuses to Let IE Users Enter Anything) created by Shane Birley
I just did an installation (upgrade from Drupal 4.5.2 to 4.6.0) and I am …


12:06 Ticket #272 (Editor crashing at backspacing at any control element) created by Hung Mei
So, try selecting image/table whatever. but text. Try hitting 'backspace' …
08:47 Ticket #270 (Save edits on page unload) reopened by niko
ok, i did a simple test: 1. open full example in FF 2. change some text …
04:02 Ticket #271 (htmlarea.js is to big) closed by gogo
duplicate: dup of #10
00:54 Ticket #270 (Save edits on page unload) closed by kim@…
invalid: In my opinion this has nothing to do with Xinha, this would have to be …


23:39 Ticket #271 (htmlarea.js is to big) created by anonymous
Hi, One request for Xinha developers, htmlarea.js file is to big 143k is …
17:07 Ticket #270 (Save edits on page unload) created by ianb@…
Right now if you edit some text, then go to another page (maybe go back, …
15:03 Ticket #269 (Problem with IE and DocType: xinha cant have focus and cant edit text) created by psyk0999@…
Hi, with IE if doctype is specified xinha cant have focus (if i click on …
06:39 Documentation/Plugins/DoubleClick created by gocher
04:32 WikiStart edited by gogo


02:14 Ticket #268 (spam) created by ben.manes@…
I absolutely love gMail's spell checker - it is elegant, out of the way, …


21:04 Changeset [167] by gogo
Fix for inline-dialog with the new framing.
20:20 Changeset [166] by gogo
There are 4 things in this commit... 1. Resizing fixes. 2. New "flowable" …
08:30 Documentation/Plugins/CharCounter created by gocher
08:27 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
08:25 Ticket #262 (NO lang file for plugin : CharCounter) closed by gocher
08:24 Ticket #261 (NO lang file for plugin : EditTag) closed by gocher
08:23 Changeset [165] by gocher
Ticket #262 and #261 no language files
08:08 Ticket #264 (Spelling error in NO lang file for TableOperations) closed by gocher
08:07 Changeset [164] by gocher
Ticket #264 Absolutely not a biggie, but anyway : Line 5 reads :
07:49 Documentation/Plugins/Equation created by gocher
07:48 Ticket #267 (some problem with IE) created by PoeuffF
I'm using the latest version of xinha which is very good with mozilla.. …
07:47 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
07:46 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
07:45 Documentation/Plugins/EditTag created by gocher
07:40 Documentation/Plugins/InsertSmiley created by gocher
07:32 Documentation/Plugins/InsertAnchor edited by gocher
07:32 Documentation/Plugins/InsertAnchor edited by gocher
07:30 Documentation/Plugins/InsertAnchor edited by gocher
07:29 Documentation/Plugins/InsertAnchor edited by gocher
07:21 Documentation/Plugins/Abbreviation created by gocher
07:18 Documentation/Plugins edited by gocher
07:09 Documentation/Plugins/LangMarks created by gocher
06:17 Ticket #263 (NO lang file for plugin : InsertSmiley) closed by gocher
06:17 Ticket #260 (NO language file for plugin : LangMarks) closed by gocher
06:15 Changeset [163] by gocher
no language files for LangMarks? and InsertSmiley?
05:18 Changeset [162] by gogo
Add proper version information (the version of htmlarea.js, not of …
00:36 Ticket #266 (panel alignment problems) created by anonymous
There seems to be a variety of alignment issues with firefox, the stylist …
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