06:00 Changeset [72] by yermol
work-in-progress commit to Unified Backend branch. added devutils …


11:06 Documentation/NewbieGuide/CharacterSets edited by gogo
11:02 Documentation/NewbieGuide/CharacterSets edited by gogo
10:51 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) closed by gogo
wontfix: Ok, here's the deal. Looks like Gecko at least converts the entity into …
10:46 Documentation/NewbieGuide/CharacterSets edited by gogo
10:40 Documentation/NewbieGuide/CharacterSets edited by gogo
08:02 Documentation/NewbieGuide/CharacterSets created by gogo
07:45 Ticket #138 (Fix for "prototyped functions" in Dynamic CSS dropdown) created by TriGen
In IE 6 on xinha-latest\examples\fully-loaded.html the CSS dropdown showed …
07:34 Ticket #137 (support Xhtml strict) created by peer.bode@…
Hello, I think it is a good Idea to integrate a switch to support Xhtml …
06:27 Ticket #134 (Dialog buttons fail to be created) closed by gogo
fixed: Thanks, committed in changeset:71
06:27 Changeset [71] by gogo
Fix for #134 - incorrect reference to button.
06:19 Ticket #133 (Http error in _geturlcontent) closed by gogo
invalid: Closing invalid, probably a network error or something.


13:27 Ticket #136 (insert image twice on first position -> attributes lost) created by JFiege
There is a problem when you insert an image on the first position in the …


18:46 Ticket #135 (Toolbars appear and editor starts but 'pop-ups' and plugins dont work) created by anonymous
Hi I've followed the newbie guide and uploaded all the stuff to my server …
18:36 Ticket #134 (Dialog buttons fail to be created) created by cj@…
Just noticed that the dialog buttons aren't being created properly on the …
14:48 Changeset [70] by guillaumed
Ticket 93 and 125
10:04 Changeset [69] by guillaumed
Ticket 93 and 125. Seems to work but parts of code is written to walk …
07:52 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) reopened by anonymous
Also the button for special chars gives the correct format for special …
06:16 Ticket #133 (Http error in _geturlcontent) created by guillaumed
Erreur : uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure …
01:24 Changeset [68] by yermol
more testing
01:06 Changeset [67] by yermol
test submit.
01:04 Changeset [66] by yermol
test commit using front end script to make current version number appear …


19:58 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
19:56 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
18:37 Changeset [65] by yermol
Unified Backend branch. Currently Xinha plugins call back to the server …
05:52 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed


17:00 Ticket #132 (Inserting images and weird http://null error) created by Rob
Browser: IE6 When I add an image with an absolute path like …


21:00 Ticket #131 (Width problem) created by Rob
I just don't get it. When I do: var editor = null; function …


06:42 Ticket #130 (The CharacterMap-Plugin shows HTML-Value € but inserts €) created by niko
it isn't really a problem, we could maby just remove the field HTML-Value …
03:20 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by gogo
03:19 WikiStart edited by gogo
03:04 Ticket #62 (Background Color (Colour) Button) closed by gogo
duplicate: Duplicate of #101 (I think)
02:47 Ticket #116 (statusbar not acurate with end users needs) closed by gogo
wontfix: I'll resolve this as won't fix, if somebody wants to make a plugin for …
02:41 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) closed by gogo
wontfix: I agree, I don't think it's a problem. The only entities that are …


19:35 Ticket #129 (unknown runtime error - from IE 6) created by rchisholm@…
line: 2048 char: 7 no further details
15:29 Changeset [64] by guillaumed
ticket #123 : add registerPlugins function
15:28 Ticket #123 (Error in full example) closed by guillaumed
14:42 Ticket #128 (image manager plugin) created by mail@…
Hello, How are you? I’m currently working on a plugin that could …
14:21 Ticket #127 (convert special chars to HTML entities) created by anonymous
THe spcial char button inserts not the code but the actual sign... which …
12:02 Ticket #126 (Problem) closed by niko
duplicate: see #62, there is allready a patch
11:19 Ticket #117 (custom linked files in core javascript) closed by gogo
fixed: Looks good, committed in changeset:63
11:18 Changeset [63] by gogo
Apply patch from #117 allowing configurable filenames/urls.
09:32 Ticket #126 (Problem) created by JC Meyrignac
Just to mention a problem that you should already be aware. Changing the …
09:11 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
06:45 Changeset [62] by guillaumed
06:32 Changeset [61] by guillaumed


16:04 Ticket #125 (Event error) created by guillaumed
With the last version I get on a click Erreur : uncaught exception: …
16:03 Ticket #124 (Proper 'on-top' modal dialog popup for mozilla/firefox) created by cj@…
In dialog.js you can make a simple fix to stop the modal windows …
10:21 Ticket #123 (Error in full example) created by anonymous
I read that in the example : * …
08:44 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
08:44 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
08:30 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
08:30 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
08:29 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:48 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
Plan proposal… (diff)
05:47 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:45 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:43 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:42 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:36 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:35 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
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05:28 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:26 FrequentlyAskedQuestions edited by guillaumed
05:07 WikiStart edited by gogo
05:07 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
04:47 FrequentlyAskedQuestions created by gogo


14:52 Ticket #122 (update to XINHA) closed by gogo
invalid: Yes. But please don't use the ticket system for general questions - the …
13:57 Ticket #122 (update to XINHA) created by PoeuffF
I have to modify a WYSIWYG editor. it's htmlarea v3.0-rc1. do you think …
13:22 Changeset [60] by niko
ticket #98: new i18n-system: - changed every use of HTMLArea.I18N to …
12:10 Changeset [59] by niko
removed l10n-file as it is invalid here (its the HTMLArea-translation, not …
01:24 Ticket #121 (ImageManager Plugin (nightly build) and short PHP tags) created by the_sandking
[…] The above all bad PHP form (possibly lazy), and depending on …


19:37 Ticket #120 (plugin spellchecker find wrong words with french accents) created by mokhet
when there is accents in the checked word (éèàöïë, etc.), the word is …
19:28 Ticket #119 (Fullscreen + Styled Div Issues) created by KaplanDigital
See forum topic here: http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=133
17:08 Documentation/OldNewbieGuide edited by akaEdge
15:00 Ticket #118 (missing fr translation in most plugin) closed by niko
fixed: thanks for the translations, commited as changeset:58 #98 will be …
14:59 Changeset [58] by niko
#118: french plugin-translation
13:46 Ticket #118 (missing fr translation in most plugin) created by mokhet
hi, i know the ticket #98 is going on, but the revision #56 cant work …
12:46 Ticket #99 (Patch: Linker needs to give feedback on failure) closed by niko
fixed: commited this patch as changeset:57, additional info about syntax in …
12:45 Ticket #67 (Patch: Linker-Plugin - labels for files) closed by niko
fixed: commited this patch as changeset:57, additional info about syntax in …
12:43 Documentation/Plugins/Linker edited by niko
added examples (diff)
12:23 Changeset [57] by niko
ticket #67: - label for files using the syntax suggested by gogo - updated …
07:13 Ticket #97 (I18n files german) closed by niko
fixed: commited in changeset:56
07:11 Ticket #79 (Better italian translation) closed by niko
fixed: description changed. resolution set to fixed
07:10 Ticket #55 (dutch language files for plugins) closed by niko
fixed: commited in changeset:56
07:09 Ticket #88 (fr.js to update) closed by niko
07:05 Changeset [56] by niko
l10n: fr (#88), nl (#55), it (#79), de (#97)
06:48 Ticket #113 (German Translations) closed by niko
duplicate: this patch has been allready posted as #97
06:44 Ticket #44 (FullScreen and other languages) closed by niko
wontfix: #98 will fix this.


13:10 Ticket #117 (custom linked files in core javascript) created by mokhet
in htmlarea.js we can find the following codes […] all this fonctions …
12:28 Ticket #116 (statusbar not acurate with end users needs) created by mokhet
we can disable the statusbar with .config.statusBar = false, which is …


10:44 Ticket #100 (onsubmit sometimes fails) closed by gogo
fixed: I've fixed this problem in changeset:55 this patch was not quite correct I …
10:43 Changeset [55] by gogo
Fix for #100 - improves onsubmit handling
08:55 Ticket #115 (Compress Javascript) created by wei
08:42 Ticket #114 (Secure Pages) created by franzo
Internet Explorer prompts me with "This page contains both secure and …
08:06 Ticket #113 (German Translations) created by ray
Hi I did translations for all plugins in the distribution (where …
02:33 Ticket #112 (Allow fixed width in fullscreen plugin) created by wymsy
In my CMS I set the width of the htmlarea to equal the page width of the …


22:04 Ticket #111 (Trucated text when cut and paste from Outlook/Word) created by pdobson
I am using HTML Area 2.0 and have a problem in that it truncates text when …


16:20 Ticket #103 (textarea doesn't submit in FF1.0.x) closed by niko
invalid: this is not a bug, use correct HTML: …


11:14 Ticket #110 (Editable regions) created by holtwickd
The plan is to make special portions of the document within Xinha editable …
10:39 Changeset [54] by guillaumed
Missing labels (ticket #109)
10:30 Ticket #109 (Plugin -ContextMenu error) closed by guillaumed
10:30 Ticket #109 (Plugin -ContextMenu error) reopened by guillaumed
10:30 Ticket #109 (Plugin -ContextMenu error) closed by guillaumed
wontfix: Due to translation missing. Such bug will desappear with the new i18n …
10:03 Ticket #109 (Plugin -ContextMenu error) created by guillaumed
On a specific (not all time) context of selection, the ContextMenu? plugin …
07:02 Ticket #59 (Javascript error in IE 6.0 when using Del or Backspace on an image) closed by guillaumed
07:01 Changeset [53] by guillaumed
ticket:59 The following code to the modification which remove the a link …
06:12 Ticket #108 (SuperClean enhancement) created by guillaumed
The SuperClean? plugin allows to use sevaral cleaning "services". This is …


15:48 Ticket #107 (When multiple editors are defined, full screen mode mangles control ...) created by speterson@…
In the 'example' of the 3/24/05 release, using the deault settings and …


20:53 Ticket #106 (Javascript error in IE when link an image) created by EtaBeta
In the latest nightly build, when you link an image and press the "Insert …
17:25 Ticket #105 (Incorrect regular expression in fixRelativeLinks function invalidates ...) created by egk10@…
The fixRelativeLinks function of htmlarea.js contains an incorrect regular …
17:06 Ticket #104 (Bug in Stylist incorrectly deals with hr styles (solution suggested)) created by egk10@…
A piece of 'lazy' code in stylist.js confuses h1, h2, h3, h4 etc. tags …
14:19 Ticket #103 (textarea doesn't submit in FF1.0.x) created by glebushka
If we write in code: <table> <form> It doesn't work. But if we first write …


23:18 Ticket #102 (Patch: Toggleborders is faulty with Mozilla) created by anonymous
If you create a table and then use the table properties link to reduce …
21:03 Ticket #101 (Text color highlight doesn't work in Mozilla) created by anonymous
If you highlight some text and then try to hightlight the background color …
06:38 Ticket #70 (IE problem loading page -- error accessing HTMLArea.I18N.tooltips) closed by Niko <ns@…>
02:11 Ticket #100 (onsubmit sometimes fails) created by marshall@…
While integrating Xinha into the Bricolage content management system, I …


22:58 Ticket #99 (Patch: Linker needs to give feedback on failure) created by riftdesign
In the case that scan.php returns malformed data, Linker does nothing to …
17:23 Ticket #98 (Patch: new i18n-system + convert-script) created by Niko <ns@…>
there was allready a short discussion on that: …
16:12 Ticket #87 (horizontal rule : name changed) closed by guillaumed
fixed: done everywhere
16:05 WikiStart edited by gogo
16:04 WikiStart edited by gogo
16:03 WikiStart edited by gogo
16:01 WikiStart edited by gogo
15:56 DownloadXinha edited by gogo
15:54 WikiStart edited by gogo
15:13 Ticket #94 (why don't working with release candidate 3) closed by anonymous
invalid: Xinha is highly modified and forked long before RC3, which was by most …
02:08 Ticket #97 (I18n files german) created by anonymous
language files for the plugins, so that xinha can run with _editor_lang = …


22:51 Ticket #96 (images with ampersands in url break) closed by mack@…
invalid: ok i was totally off with this one.
22:40 Ticket #96 (images with ampersands in url break) created by mack@…
the ampersands get converted into html entities and they don't display …
17:42 Ticket #95 (XHTML compliancy and depreciated HTML) created by riftdesign
There are a few things that I would like to suggest for XHTML and HTML …
13:01 Ticket #86 (Xinha and window resizing does not refresh GUI) closed by anonymous
11:37 Ticket #94 (why don't working with release candidate 3) created by marco.sottana@…
xinha is working with rc1 .. why not rc3 ?
09:35 Ticket #91 (write back Xinha contents to textarea on JS submit()) closed by Niko <ns@…>
invalid: you must call: […]
01:41 Ticket #93 (contents randomly disappear) created by mack@…
when there's an img tag in the contents of the textarea upon page load, …


22:40 Ticket #92 (xinha adds pages to history) created by jonathan at carnageblenderdotcom
If I am on page A, and page B contains a xinha area, and I click from page …
14:37 WikiStart edited by gogo
14:02 Ticket #91 (write back Xinha contents to textarea on JS submit()) created by anonymous
I have made a save button using form.submit() to save submit the form. As …
11:06 Changeset [52] by guillaumed
Change _createToobar to allow it to be incremented dynamically
10:59 Ticket #90 (New plugins for Xinha) created by marco.sottana@…
Hello, we have developed 3 plugin for html area: 1) layer div manager 2) …
10:22 Changeset [51] by guillaumed
change registerPlugin to return the plugin created and add refreshPlugin …
09:13 Changeset [50] by guillaumed
inserthorizontalrule changed
09:06 Ticket #89 (Idea + Patch: call events of textarea) created by Niko <ns@…>
in my cms we have a table with several Xinhas. If the content of onw xinha …
09:04 Changeset [49] by guillaumed
inserthorizontal rule added msg modified
07:37 Ticket #88 (fr.js to update) created by guillaumed
07:19 Ticket #87 (horizontal rule : name changed) created by anonymous
the command to add a horizontal rule as been changed in htmlarea.js, not …


18:07 Ticket #86 (Xinha and window resizing does not refresh GUI) created by riftdesign
When using Firefox or IE (XP SP2) in the recent nightly (2005-03-21), when …


23:30 Ticket #85 (feature request - color choosers roll out in div (not popup a new window)) created by anonymous
Id like to see the color choosers roll out in the same window such as they …
17:46 Changeset [48] by yermol
now uses PHP_SELF to figure out installation directory URL. changed plugin …
14:17 Ticket #84 (missing function registerPlugins) created by RwD
This is in the Newbie Guide: / STEP 3 …
08:27 Ticket #83 (layer manager plugins) created by marco.sottana@…
hi i made a layer manager plugins for htmlarea.. i would like to put it in …
07:26 Ticket #82 (Table plugin) created by Delli
Create table 3 rows 4 colums 1st column make rowspan 3 - using mergecell …
05:11 Changeset [47] by yermol
images_url config option in image-manager.js relative to _editor_url …
02:13 Changeset [46] by yermol
third time's a charm. Had left debug messages turned on. Now turned off.
01:59 Changeset [45] by yermol
couple last minute config tweaks.
01:53 Ticket #73 (Check in ImageManager) closed by yermol
fixed: Checked in modified ImageManager? with unified backend. By defualt it's set …
01:51 Changeset [44] by yermol
removed mistakenly added temporary file
01:49 Changeset [43] by yermol
adding modified version of Xiang Wei Zhuo's ImageManager? plugin that now …
01:47 Ticket #81 (Image links getting mangled?) created by dhscompguy
I'm inserting this image -- […] When I switch back and forth from …


10:43 Ticket #80 (Bug in insert special character) created by CyberTron
If nothing is selected in the text area (eg. try click on the top corner …
01:55 Ticket #79 (Better italian translation) created by m.landoni@…
It seems that the existing italian translation is not complete (some parts …


23:55 Ticket #78 (EnterParagraphs p tag Spacing Improvement/Exception and bug) created by yermol
Implement the design in EnterParagraphs? suggested by Gogo to include a …
23:23 Ticket #77 (editor area not sized correctly under FireFox.) closed by yermol
fixed: See == http://xinha.gogo.co.nz/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=432#p432 == fixed …
23:23 Changeset [42] by yermol
changed this.width to 'toolbar'
23:20 Ticket #77 (editor area not sized correctly under FireFox.) created by yermol
Under firefox, the editable area sometimes does not size correctly. The …
23:02 Ticket #76 (IE6 hangs if textarea have more than 300char) created by anonymous
[…] Html stripped. If i use this config IE6 hangs if there is more …
19:09 Ticket #75 ((Interim Solution): Including external style sheet doesn't work with IE) created by webmaster@…
When explicitly giving Xinha an external stylesheet: this.pageStyle = …
12:50 Ticket #66 (Patch: Linker-Plugin - define files in configuration) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:41
12:49 Changeset [41] by gogo
Applying #66
12:44 Ticket #64 (Patch: HtmlTidy bugfixes + charset) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:40
12:43 Changeset [40] by gogo
Applying #64
12:38 Ticket #57 (Patch: Charset, utf-8 encoding for _postback) closed by gogo
fixed: Applied in changeset:39 , except for the UTF-8 change, see the commit log …
12:37 Changeset [39] by gogo
Appying patch #57 also changed other uses of escape() and unescape(). Not …
06:44 Ticket #72 (EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags ) closed by yermol
wontfix: Was a bad idea, as gogo pointed out. It's better just to wrap the Xinha …
06:31 Ticket #74 (Enable and Disable Xinha from a checkbox or other) created by anonymous
Users of mine have requested the ability to start and stop/enable and …
06:07 Ticket #73 (Check in ImageManager) created by yermol
The current ImageManager? code I have uses a number of different PHP …
06:00 Ticket #72 (EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags ) created by yermol
The idea for EnterParagraphs? is this: Right now onEnter it inserts <p>'s …


10:57 Ticket #71 (Selecting the image and press delete) created by fc.stuurman@…
Selecting the image and press delete I get: This object doesn't handle …
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