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EnterParagraphs Suggestion - adding class= attributes to <p> tags

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The idea for EnterParagraphs? is this:

Right now onEnter it inserts <p>'s instead of <br>'s. We've all decided this is the correct behavior. Unfortunately users don't want to see what they perceive as a double newline when they press Enter.

But using <br>'s is a problem for multiple reasons.

It's probably more "correct" to use stylesheet entries to manage the appearance of <p> tags. So, what if we modified EnterParagraphs? so that onEnter the <p>'s that were inserted had an option class=".." attribute from some style sheet entry.

Then, the Xinha integrator could decide how they want the <p>'s for the editor generated content to behave.

This is better than hardcoding the style, since it's not easy to modify then. it's also better than overriding the default <p> stylesheet entry because it won't bother the rest of the page.

We'd pass in basically two config parameters, onEnterStyle and onShiftEnterStyle ... no more <br>'s at all. This means we'd have to intercept the Shift-Enter behavior in htmlarea.js as well.

Obviously this would be optional behavior to maintain backwards compatibility.

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Was a bad idea, as gogo pointed out. It's better just to wrap the Xinha generated content in a <div> and handle it that way.

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