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statusbar not acurate with end users needs

Reported by: mokhet Owned by: gogo
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we can disable the statusbar with .config.statusBar = false, which is great

what about something more usefull for people not having a clue about HTML structure. I mean, instead of having "Path: Body >> P" some users would prefer to have something like "Total chars: 345 / Total words: 26"

we could add another boolean in the config

.config.statusBarExpert = true (when we want the Path displayed)
.config.statusBarExpert = false (when we want the end user information displayed)

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comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by niko

imho "Total chars: 345 / Total words: 26" doesn't make sense. Why would i need this?

(ok... when you limit the content to a maximum of chars, but thats fairly unusual i think...)

You could create this as a plugin!! (or somebody else :D)

additionally i think a configuration would be better like this:

editor.config.statusBar = false; //none
editor.config.statusBar = "path"; //(or just true to provide compatibility) the HTML-path
editor.config.statusBar = "chars"; //the chars

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by mokhet

Why ? Humm lol, was that ironic ? I would answer, everytime :D

in 99% of my actual situations, the final people (end user) using xinha doesnt required to understand HTML and even worst, they doesnt want to have a clue about it at all. If they could have used a paper instead, they'll have choosed the rustic paper solution.

Such users are needing to know statistics about the document. I dont need them, you probably dont need them, but why i dunno, but they need the statistics :)

Anyway, the plugin solution is a good one, i didnt thought of it because i'm not a plugin fan. It's sometimes too much work for something that's looks more like core system. Well, i think i'm gonna adopt the plugin solution, if i ever manage to have something working, I of course will attach the file.

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by niko

i do have those end-users too :D

...another, easier idea would be perhaps to create a plugin that adds a "Document-Statistics"-botton where you can display these statistics!

comment:5 Changed 15 years ago by gogo

A plugin should have no trouble updating the toolbar with whatever it wants. It would be a pretty trivial job to put whatever you want in the toolbar. Either {plugin}.onKeyPress or {plugin}.onUpdateToolbar.

Tip: if you set config.statusBar = false, the status bar is still created for you, but is set display = 'none' and won't be updated by the Xinha core. Here is a trivial (untested) plugin that would put the date and time in the status bar...

function MyPlugin(editor)
  this.editor = editor;

MyPlugin.prototype.onGenerate = function()
  this.editor.config.statusBar = false; = '';

MyPlugin.prototype.onUpdateToolbar = function()
  this.editor._statusBar.innerHTML = 'The time and date is now: ' + (new Date()).toString();

comment:6 Changed 15 years ago by niko

nice :D i haven't tought it could be that easy!

comment:7 Changed 15 years ago by gogo

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I'll resolve this as won't fix, if somebody wants to make a plugin for that, reopen and attach to this ticket.

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