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baseHref not correctly treated -- new solution

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I have a proposed solution for the problem created by changeset:928 which I explain in detail in the last comment to ticket:961. In summary, the problem is that the "fix" introduced in this changeset trashes the domain if baseHref is set to a domain with no final / (the domain is stripped from the regex beging constructed here, leaving just "http://", which is catastrophic). The fix also incorrectly strips any directory that does not end in /.

My solution is to change the regular expression from:

replace(/\/[^\/]*$/, '/')

to this smarter version:

replace(/([^\\/]\/)(?=.+\.)[^\\/]*$/, "$1")
Explanation: This regex first of all searches for any NON "/" character followed by a literal "/". This avoids matching the "//" in "http://", so we don't trash the domain. The parentheses save the non-/ and the / in backreference $1. It then uses the positive lookahead «(?=.+\.)» to assert a match ONLY if the characters between the matched "/" and the end of the string contain a period (e.g., ".html" ".php" ".anything"). If a period is found then match to the end of the string «[^\/]*$» (unless there's another "/", in which case the match process will fallback to the new "/", etc., until a match is found or the match fails). The replacement $1 (if a match was found) will always contain "x/" (where x is any letter that was matched immediately before the "/").

The above solution should work in all common situations, and will even work with "", where the result will be "" (i.e., this is the string that will be stripped from links). The only case in which it would fail is if someone is serving files with no . extension (.html, .php, .etc). But in that case, they should be well aware of the ambiguity of setting baseHref to "" (is it a file or a directory?), and can resolve it easily by leaving off the "myfile" bit. This solution also has the virtue of respecting the existence of a final "/" or not (it won't add one if there wasn't one on the end of the domain), allowing us to continue using semi-relative links of the style <a href="/mydir/myfile.html"> in Xinha.

I hope this can be included in a forthcoming changeset. - Geoffrey K

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I've just noticed the proposed .replace string above has some redundant backslashes. Should read:

replace(/([^\/]\/)(?=.+\.)[^\/]*$/, "$1");

Apologies. Geoffrey K

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rev [940]: I hope your fix is good, because I just put it in without understanding anything of this stuff

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