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#548 Patch for TableOperations - clear vertical/horizontal align from cell gogo enhancement normal Plugin_TableOperations
#554 how to set table borders to be initially toggled on gogo defect normal Plugin_TableOperations
#596 Cell Properties resize problem gogo defect highest Plugin_TableOperations
#712 Popup for Cell propertie gets hidden under windows after property selection gogo defect normal Plugin_TableOperations
#822 Toolbar CSS problem with dropdowns stops buttons from flowing under them gogo defect normal 0.95 Plugin_TableOperations
#824 Tableoperations - The 'Create table' dialogbox is missing the OK button. gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_TableOperations
#832 Nested tables mess up context menu gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_TableOperations
#888 Table properties dialog is too small. Ok and cancel buttons are hidden. gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_TableOperations
#912 Cell merge broken gogo defect normal Plugin_TableOperations
#947 Merging of cells doesn't work in IE7 gogo defect normal Version 1.0 Plugin_TableOperations
#1008 Table Properties unintentionally changes table borders (frames) gogo enhancement low Plugin_TableOperations
#1020 TableOperations config option to not display buttons (ContextMenu) gogo enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugin_TableOperations
#1027 Insert table ray enhancement low Improved table support Plugin_TableOperations
#669 Proposition for FlashEdit plugin - for comment gogo enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#682 Restriction for no. of characters, no characters in one line and number of lines in editor gogo enhancement low Plugins
#802 Add a config option to disable dragging into an HTMLArea enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#861 HTML Syntax highlighting in source view enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#892 Extending inwardHtml/outwardHtml functions for internal rewriting of Flash movies gogo enhancement low 0.97 Plugins
#996 [PATCH] OpenUrl plugin - open and save webpages with Xinha gogo enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor defect normal Plugins
#1155 InsertAnchor broken in IE 7 defect normal 0.95 Plugins
#1158 When I use plugins/ImageManager in Japanese environment, an error occurs by reading of lang/ja.js in IE6/7. defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1164 Images directory defaults to demo images? defect normal 0.95 Plugins
#1168 New Plugin created - Media enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1170 Add an input field image url picker function to ExtendedFileManager enhancement normal Plugins
#1171 SmartReplace could also replace three dots with an ellipsis enhancement normal Plugins
#1172 [LangMarks] make available languages configurable enhancement normal 0.95 Plugins
#1182 0.95RC2 Equation plugin problem defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1187 ExtendedFileManager "imgManager.changeDir is not a function" error defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1189 [LangMarks] Allow to use xml:lang instead of lang enhancement normal Plugins
#1190 FormOperations Bug with IE7 with the "name" Attribute, and other errors all over the place defect normal Currently Unfixable Plugins
#1193 Stylist bug when formatting selected text defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1194 [ExtendedFileManager] updates French translation enhancement normal 0.95 Plugins
#1195 Allow to specify an external url to load a plugin from enhancement normal 0.95 Plugins
#1197 [Linker] Patch for files[i].length, IE shows bug in line 262 defect normal 0.95 Plugins
#1200 [Linker] Dialog does not show if scanned folder empty defect normal 0.95 Plugins
#1205 Add "no delete" & "no edit" config options to ImageManager enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#1207 Identity Portion of Equation Editor that is inserting script reference enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#1209 Equation Editor should be updated to use a newer version of asciimathml.js enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#1215 [HtmlTidy] plugin doesn't work when compressed for release defect normal Plugins
#1220 [patch] need to pass arguments to the server side SuperClean (HtmlTidy) implementation enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1223 URL button Problem defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1227 @import rule & stylistLoadStylesheet enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1228 [PATCH?] superClean php tidy handler defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1231 Extended File Manager Bug? defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1232 EFM - clickable Icons would be nice enhancement normal Plugins
#1233 Plugin to automatically insert paragraphs in javascript enhancement normal Plugins
#1235 [PATCH] New Character Map Plugin enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1238 [Patch] SpellChecker enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1239 [Patch] Character Map enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1240 [PATCH] Linker: trim spaces from url gogo defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1244 Image Captions enhancement normal Plugins
#1267 how to display full image URL?? when using extended file manager defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1269 ExtendedFileManager image full path defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1279 Replace ereg* functions with preg* in php code enhancement normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1283 New-dialogs version of TableOperations is incomplete defect normal 2.0 Plugins
#1284 _editor_url is still used in a couple of plugins. defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1287 Feature request: plugin to automatically handle footnotes enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1299 We should be able to disable Linker's mailto and anchor link UI nicholasbs enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1308 Linker "Remove Link" button doesn't work nicholasbs defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1324 linker email link - no email field defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1329 [SmartReplace] replacement strings broken in compressed code broken gogo defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1340 [SuperClean] should provide means to choose tidy preferences enhancement normal Plugins
#1341 Stylist produces bad markup and leaves a trail of empty tags defect normal Version 1.0 Plugins
#1344 CSS plugin: Strange behaviour on IE defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1350 ExtendedFileManager, IE7 Error, when changing files_url defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1351 ExtendedFileManager, wrong iframeUrl on SSL proxy sites defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1354 ExtendedFileManager Support for PHP custom session handler task normal 0.96 Plugins
#1358 SmartReplace panel shows in view source mode defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1359 EFM and image mode (RGB-CMYK) enhancement normal Plugins
#1361 SaveSubmit saving message does not show up in fullscreen mode defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1363 ImageManager & ExtendedFileManager Security Patch defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1365 WYSIWYG view of font face and size selections enhancement normal 2.0 Plugins
#1377 [Confirmed] Smiley images not loading in InsertSmiley plugin defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1390 PreserveScripts shorthand php tags defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1391 PreserveScripts doesn't correctly handle php in html tags defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1392 too much recursion when setting HTML in fullPage mode using onGenerate/onGenerateOnce gogo defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1396 EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1408 PHP5 IIS file upload problem defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1410 SuperClean does not run in latest version defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1412 plugins/ImageManager/Classes/Files.php enhancement normal 2.0 Plugins
#1419 Stylist only displays one style in IE defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1420 Saveas button does not function in .96 defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1421 getHTML plugins broke urls defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1425 [SmartReplace][Gecko] When inserting opennng quote, the space before the cursor is deleted defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1426 Plugin Stylist cannot work with CSS 2.1 defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1430 Context Menu position problem in FF 3.0.7 MAC with 2 editors defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1432 Linker - Title issue defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1446 PATCH: Provide some means for own menu entries in ContextMenu enhancement normal Plugins
#1448 PATCH: linker error with only one folder, a[] is undefined defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1451 Reload of "Insert Image" Dialog in Firefox corrupt defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1461 ImageManager does not display thumbnail of files with filenames containing special characters defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1464 PHP's Strict Standards error using the ExtendedFileManager plugin enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1465 EFM: prevent the creation of resized pictures (save disk space!) enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1466 EFM: automatically select a newly uploaded file enhancement normal 0.97 Plugins
#1474 Security problem on Xinha 0.95 pluggin Imagemanager defect normal 0.96 Plugins
#1477 Danish language files for two plugins enhancement normal Plugins
#1479 CSSPicker plugin enhancement normal 0.96 Plugins
#1480 In FF,moving anchors will create more anchor after swaping text to html defect normal 0.97 Plugins
#1482 Unable to handle more than one equation in editor defect normal 0.96 Plugins
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