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#1192 strip baseHref when drag images defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1249 Installed basic Xinha, but get wrong display in FireFox and Safari defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1271 xinha_config.width inconsistent in Safari and FF:Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1295 Textarea not aligned under toolbar defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1298 CSS styling gets inserted into table cell after viewing source (Safari only) defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Firefox
#1342 Xinha config autofocus setting does not work in Firefox 2 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Firefox
#1379 Image heights get recalcuated/screwed up when images fail to load defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Firefox
#1542 Fullscreen plugin hides caret/cursor in FF3.6.x defect normal Browsers_Firefox
#1586 background images and firefox latest release defect normal Browsers_Firefox
#1590 ghost cursor error with html mode toggle in Firefox 9.0.1 defect normal Browsers_Firefox
#1154 Japanese doesn't work on demo server defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1159 Slow behaviour on unloading (Internet Explorer) defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1173 IE8 beta toolbars broken defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1174 IE8 beta no text cursor in wysiwyg defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1175 IE8 beta DomWalk broken/switch to TransformInnerHTML as default? defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1181 [TableOperations] Table Options dialog first entry for border style faulty defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1185 [TableOperations] IE: style float broken defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1202 [Stylist] broken in IE defect normal 0.95 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1250 IE7 DOMwalk empty styled paragraphs collapse defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1273 IE 6/7 onFocus browser crash defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1280 restoreSelection doesn't always work in internet explorer defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1281 selectNodeContents is borken in IE when the node is a text node defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1316 In InternetExplorer, the cursor is lost when switching into source mode defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1320 make it possible to use png images as icons in IE6 defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1355 Status bar is too wide in IE 6 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1371 Cursor position is lost when switching between modes in IE6 defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1374 Table insert not work in ie8 defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1383 IE 7 Secure and Nonsecure Warning defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1389 [IE6] selection lost when clicking toolbar button defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1399 Browser difference in links created in extended file manager defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1404 updating a table produces a table error in IE6 defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1423 [IE] inline style converted to lower case, which can break background images defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1440 IE6 Security error on https (This page contains both secure and nonsecure items) defect normal 0.97 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1500 Strikethrough and bold formatting cannot be un-done after saving. defect normal 0.96 Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1576 Xinha does not work in IE9 defect normal Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1577 InsertAnchor does not create anchor in IE7 defect normal Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1623 Editor content is escaped in IE10 defect normal Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1690 Paste Text with CTRL-V does not work in IE10 gogo defect normal Browsers_InternetExplorer
#1282 Path status bar does not update properly in Opera defect normal Browsers_Opera
#1439 more than 1 editor defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Opera
#1143 add Safari support enhancement normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1165 TableOperations color palettes don't appear in Safari 3 Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1166 TableOperations dialogs do not resize properly in Safari 3 defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1167 Selection problem in Safari 3 prevents display of table, row and cell props dialogs defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Safari
#1178 Pop-up focus problem in Safari Mac defect normal 0.96 Browsers_Safari
#1253 iPhone support? enhancement normal Version 1.0 Browsers_Safari
#1367 Cursor position is not set correctly when switching to source view defect normal 0.97 Browsers_Safari
#1268 [new-dialogs] [IE] striped line around absolutely positioned elements rendered above dialogs defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1277 Editor does not regain focus after canceling dialog nicholasbs defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1311 new modals for "insert link" and "character map" appear behind parent modal defect normal Version 1.0 Dialogs
#1381 IE QuirksMode dialog background rendered in wrong position when panel is detached defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1382 IE QuirksMode dialog background falsely non-grey with modal dialogs, grey when dragging modeless dialogs defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1386 Setting default checkbox settings in dialogs does not work in Safari nicholasbs defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1450 Option for dialog fading enhancement normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1472 Links: target "_top" is not loaded into link dialog defect normal 0.97 Dialogs
#1499 focus() errors in new dialogs in IE defect normal 0.96 Dialogs
#1578 Color picker does not keep proper position on page defect normal 0.97 Dialogs
#1582 Wrong dialog size of ImageManager in FF7 defect normal Dialogs
#147 create a global CSS popup.css with standards for all popups and plugins gogo defect low Documentation
#232 Newbie documentation akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#252 split BigTextarea gogo defect normal Documentation
#258 add a simple example to examples akaEdge defect normal Version 1.0 Documentation
#281 ID attribute for tags akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#282 ID attribute for tags akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#293 htmlarea_css.js syntax error akaEdge defect highest Documentation
#311 My Sub for a logo... akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#330 GetHTML exception akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#368 full_example.php akaEdge defect normal Version 1.0 Documentation
#371 adf akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#372 Image Resize akaEdge defect high Documentation
#382 A small change to the newbie guide akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#384 Toolbar sometimes unwraps and becomes very long when viewing source in IE. akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#397 NO Lang file and slight modification for plugin : Equation akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#398 Updated main NO lang file for Xinha akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#402 A couple of things. akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#404 xinha does not correctly inherit initial textarea size when given by row/col akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#405 Example on website is not working properly in Firefox akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#410 TortoiseSVN akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#414 fdsf akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#419 help with PHP, mysql and Xinha with dreamweaver akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#422 changing email MIME to incorporate the corresponding formatting changes akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#424 Submit to Publish akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#425 HTMLarea not defined akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#426 dreamweaver changing my_config and html.js akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#428 JavaScript syntax highlighting in Wiki and Tickets akaEdge enhancement lowest Documentation
#429 how to enble InsertSmiley options in the textarea akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#433 HELP needed Please read akaEdge defect high Documentation
#436 licence akaEdge defect highest Documentation
#444 Keep spurious questions out of the ticket tracker akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#464 Setting the Default Fonts akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#468 Using relative links in URLs akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#473 'length' is empty or not an object akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#483 Added Polish translation files for a few plugins akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#488 Remove "A Response to" from front page akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#494 javascript error akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#500 How can supports upload flash ? akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#507 Brazilian akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#516 char-set in italian language akaEdge defect high Documentation
#519 Xinha breaks META HTTP-EQUIV REFRESH tag in Firefox akaEdge defect normal Documentation
#561 The newbie guide is confusing on one simple point akaEdge defect low Documentation
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