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#684 SpellChecker messing with my images new gogo defect normal
#1137 [Equation] FF3 fixes & improved way of avoiding formula changes in editor new defect normal
#1245 it' not possible to enter percent values to height or width attributes of images new gogo defect normal
#1359 EFM and image mode (RGB-CMYK) new enhancement normal
#1596 TransformerInnerHTML.js hangs browser in raw image data "img" tag new gogo defect normal
#8 Investigate "Inline Editing" for Xinha new gogo enhancement low
#14 Ability for one toolbar to control multiple instances of editor new gogo enhancement low
#30 about memory use new gogo defect lowest
#38 Calculate size for hidden editors new gogo defect low
#227 update/rewrite SpellChecker new gogo enhancement low
#276 Add border to <form> elements. new anonymous enhancement low
#367 Problems using Xinha with Tabs reopened gogo enhancement low
#559 Customization new gogo defect low
#580 wiki localisation new akaEdge enhancement lowest
#759 Solution for stripBaseURL remplacement reopened gogo defect high
#814 Plain text pasting in Xinha new gocher enhancement lowest
#883 Find and Replace for HTML Source new niko enhancement low
#922 StyleManager plugin: an CSS editor for Xinha new caugb defect lowest
#1072 insert image resize new gogo defect low
#1075 new table inside paragraph new gogo defect high
#1102 Table Width Handles Needed new akaEdge defect highest
#1111 VideoManager plugin? new gogo enhancement high
#1118 Firefox: Hitting enter makes text scroll away reopened gogo enhancement highest
#1135 Superclean and Unformat new gogo enhancement high
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