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#684 SpellChecker messing with my images new gogo defect normal
#1224 [confirmed] sevenbitclean? / ghost cursor error with html mode toggle (Firefox) reopened gogo defect normal 0.96
#1234 [confirmed] words attribute can't keep when type [enter] key new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1396 EFM Link mode does not add the title attribute on the first time new defect normal 0.97
#1422 Combobox options are defined in (unordered) object data structure, but it is treated as an ordered data structure new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1508 Editing inside DIV elements now almost impossible in Xinha/IE new gogo defect normal 0.97
#1550 Issues with table operations new defect normal Improved table support
#1578 Color picker does not keep proper position on page new defect normal 0.97
#1581 IE9 Fix new gogo defect normal
#1586 background images and firefox latest release new defect normal
#1587 prototype.fixRelativeLinks causing a JSfault when the url is like new gogo defect normal
#1600 auto scroll on enter new defect normal
#1605 Config ---Help Please new gogo task normal
#1607 Image folder contents deleted new defect normal 0.97
#1609 Xinha does not work anymore in Firefox 22 AND Chrome 28 assigned ejucovy defect normal
#1610 Xinha errors for IE10 new gogo defect normal
#1612 Pressing enter at end of an li:last-child with a child node lands you in the list itself assigned ejucovy defect normal
#30 about memory use new gogo defect lowest Version 1.0
#808 Fix usage of addEventlistener new mokhet defect lowest 2.0
#1092 Xinha editor does not scroll properly if wrapped by a scrolling div new gogo defect high
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