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#1226 [Confirmed] Hitting enter in certain documents causes the rest of the text to disappear in Firefox 3 reopened ejucovy defect Ticket 1226 Related normal
#1310 Can't escape from a <pre> element new gogo defect Ticket 1226 Related normal
#1400 FF3.0.5: paraHandlerBest - When hitting Enter in a table it skips to below the table new gogo defect Ticket 1226 Related normal
#1427 Font changes in Firefox when starting new paragraph new gogo defect Ticket 1226 Related normal
#1516 removal of several tags in html5 reopened gogo defect 2.0 normal
#1726 Update InsertSmiley (or create InsertEmoji) new gogo enhancement normal
#1727 expandRelativeUrls behaviour with intentionally (document) relative URLs new gogo defect normal
#1728 statusBar hides information when path is long new gogo defect normal
#1730 Try to get rid of synchronous XMLHTTPRequest new gogo defect normal
#1731 HTML code button for xinha editing can't be used more than once new gogo defect normal
#1732 Unusable with Opera and Firefox under Debian Stretch new gogo defect normal
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