01/21/07 21:15:13 (13 years ago)
  • applied new non-underscored function names to core files
  • added file info header to getHTML.js, insert_image.js, link.js
  • updated release-notes.txt
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  • trunk/release-notes.txt

    r677 r678  
    66Release History 
     8Xinha 0.92beta 
     9 - fixed Ticket #831 stop empty anchors from being removed 
     10 - Make htmlarea.js just load XinhaCore.js instead of being a copy of it. 
     11 - fixed Ticket #445 Toggle TableBorder doesn't work if this.fullpage=true or using FullPage plugin 
     12 - fixed Ticket #551 shape and coord attributes of area element are ignored by IE 
     13 - fixed Ticket #650 SpellChecker is not compatible with FullPage plugin 
     14 - fixed Ticket #816 CharacterMap and ListType panel modes make editor jump to top in IE 
     15 - fixed Ticket #570 change behaviour of justify when an image is selected to make the image float left/right,  
     16   click the justify button again to undo it 
     17 - fixed Ticket #891 noscript content got escaped 
     18 - fixed Ticket #857 Firefox fails to load in fullpage mode when <link ..> tag in wrong place. 
     19 - fixed Ticket #841 Spell Checker - Won't return to xinha. 
     20 - fixed Ticket #914 All buttons stay grey & this.getParentElement is not a function message when not calling 
     21   Xinha.loadPlugins() in xinha_init function 
     22 - fixed Ticket #911 Background color does not work in Firefox 
     23 - fixed Ticket #912 an error is thrown in Mozilla when clicking merge cells button and fewer than 2 cells are selected 
     25Xinha 0.91beta 
     26 - changed namespace from HTMLArea to Xinha 
     27 - the core file is now named XinhaCore.js instead of htmlarea.js, 
     28   please change your pages accordingly (the htmlarea.js will be removed!) 
     29 - the color picker script is now loaded on demand to reduce initial loading time 
    831Xinha 0.9beta 
    932This equals Xinha revision 635 of Jan 11 2007 
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