05/13/05 20:20:04 (16 years ago)

There are 4 things in this commit...

  1. Resizing fixes.
  2. New "flowable" toolbar
  3. Proof of concept of skins.
  4. Testbed file.

Resizing Fixes

Complete rewrite of the framing that the editor is built from,
previously it was done using nested and positioned divs, which was very
troublesome to get right. It also suffered from problems when resizing
the editor.

I have changed it to now use a table structure and have fixed the
resizing problems. This also means we can now use any CSS measurement
for setting width and height (even percentages). Resizing is handled
very well, and generally it's just better all around.

The fullscreen plugin has been adjusted to use the new methods, which
makes it's job much easier too. This won't solve the problem with
fullscreen when the editor has been placed inside a positioned element

Flowable Toolbar

A new config option has been added which allows the toolbar sections
(between separators) to be treated as "possible-line-break-here",
meaning that if there is not enough room on the line, the line will
break to put the section on the next line. Newlines are treated the
same way. Of course the toolbar will re-flow when you resize the

This has been set as the default (and the toolbar has been adjusted to
better suit it) because the default toolbars can get pretty long as you
add plugins. Having the flowing toolbars alleviates this problem and
allows a very small editor window :)


Ok, well, it's just a CSS file and a couple of images, but it shows the
sort of thing we can already do. I felt that this is something that
people would want to see. What I'd like in the future is to be able to
have a config option per editor to select what skin it gets, but this
will necessitate some extra work so we can have different styles apply
to each editor on a multi-editor page.

The other thing that would be nice is to be able to style the select
lists in the toolbar, which are pretty ugly.

I've set the "blue-look" skin to be used in the full example.


This is just a simple html file using Xinha without all the extra stuff
in the full_example. You can use it to test your plugins etc, or users
could take it as a boilerplate file.

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